Power up after power cut

I’ve seen other posts on this subject but they discussed if there was a power cut and then the power came back on again on it’s own.

Basically the fuse just tripped on the fuse box tripping a whole line of fuses covering different areas of the house. This is not a frequent occurrence in fact it’s never happened before on the circuit that includes my HiFi.

Anyway after the fuses had tripped I turned the HiFi off (chassis buttons) and unplugging from the wall before flicking the main fuse switch back on. Should this be OK.

Was turning the HiFi off before turning the power back on the right thing to do? Will it be OK to just turn everything back on again?

I would say yes…right to switch off
No need to unplug!!

Then turn back on in the correct order
Job done

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Yes, turning everything off before switching each item on, one at a time & in the right order is the right thing to do
Avoiding the complexities of your system (profile) turn on at least one of the source components first, then HC, pre-amp, then power amp.
Once thats done, the rest can get switched on in no particular order

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I just listed everything I’ve got but fortunately I don’t use everything at once…

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