Recently added a Matrix2 (power strip)…my question is…does it needs to run? If so how long it takes about?

Not really.


Are you using Wireworld power cords with it?

Yes this one on my pic…I`ve got to much bass with my new matrix2 but lost the krispy sharpness I always like and had before…now I dislike the overall bass I ear.

You have a lot of gear and power supplies. You could try experimenting on the order of connection and putting some connected to the wall sockets, if that is possible.

Yes need to try a good power cable to the wall sockets…i use a simple one …but I wiil try latter

What were you using before the Matrix?

A power block may show some burn in improvement like anything else, but the Matrix is not really a good choice in my opinion for the level of system you have.

A very simple one like a microgal level matrix2 l bought just last three days recommended here in this forum…what is your choice?

Even if it’s not the best it still better than a simple microgal power strip,never had a good powerblock before so I don’t think this is the reason …I can buy 10 different powerblock and every one will tell you it’s not good enough…in my opinion not correct …excuse me this is not the issue

I have found it best to keep the power amp plugged direct into the wall socket and all other pieces of equipment plugged into the block. As mentioned it is worth experimenting with plug order pre amp first, then source power supplies.

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Is the power cable you’re using for the Matrix the same one you used on the Microgal? Are using the same plug order? As others have said here and elsewhere, this makes a difference…

No different cable but also a simple one…you can’t take off the microgal cable from his Block…it’s one piece,the sound is to dark to my taste ,before it was shiny and krispy

What is this ?

Can you post a pic ?

I think you should consider getting a unit commensurate with the cost of the system. How about a unit that’s only 5% of the cost of the system? I’d suggest trying an AudioQuest Niagara 5000, or a Shunyata Hydra Alpha, also IsoTek are very good maybe the EVO Nova…

Putting a inexpensive power strip on a 50K system is as Hungry Halibut would say a real “Mullet”

No need for…describe a white simple block you buy it on any market store maybe for 20 bucks…a friend of mine brought me as a gift when he visit UK at that time I just needed UK sockets for my powerlines…didn`t give to much importance…after telling me here to change my powerblock for a better one for my big system I have… I bough the matrix 2 …at the first day it was really good but 3 days latter sound became terrible

No worries …

Google led me to a microwave cable when I searched microgal cable but I think I understand you mean a thin mains cable like an umbilical cord to a power block…

Anyways… wish you good luck !

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Not buying anything at the end I will open a powerblock store to sell all of them… it cost fortune only to test them…no no thanks

Yes Good Luck, hope it all works out for you.

When I bought my power block last year, the sound improved a lot over the first day or so. Different blocks may take more time than this, or no time at all. I use a MusicWorks G3. It’s really good and a step up from the Matrix. Given your brilliant system you may want to think about trying one at some point.

Different price…MusicWorks G3…it`s expensive for a powerblock…which cable you use to wall?