Powercord for Naim Nova

Good quality mains is really important. 6 months ago I had my hifi power feed in the loft moved about three feet away from all the other power cables. So It comes out the top of the switchboard and separates from everything else then runs down the length of the loft on its own and crosses no other cables at all, it then goes down the wall and feeds my uniti Atom only. The difference this made was unreal. If I had bought the star and got this upgrade in performance I would have been really happy !
What I do not understand is how changing the last 2 feet of cable can make a difference but it does. I have heard it. Not much difference, so I refuse to go down that rabbit hole and will just enjoy cleaner mains.

“Grounded” is the word in English. As in an electrician needs to “ground the outlet.”

Not in the USA.

I have NAC A5 speaker cables (after AQ Type 5 caused the Nova to overheat and shut down with a screen warning.) Now I’ve added a Powerline. It’s been about a week with the Powerline, but I knew immediately. I could have returned it (I paid full new price here in the USA) but am keeping it. I do have it plugged directly into a dedicated circuit which makes a difference also. That circuit with both Naim cables the Nova is quite satisfying and worth the cost in my opinion.

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