Powered network switch dropping off wired network

Okay, so my reason for that is that in yesterday’s occurrence, the NDX2 just suddenly stopped playing when streaming. It worked fine when I used it as a DAC with the CDT. The NAS also disappeared and the only common parts to these two are the cable and switch. The rest of the network was working.

Are there any lights at the ports indicating streaming status.

IE. Flashing green or solid orange.

That’s interesting. If your streamer and nas are connected via a switch, once the music has started it’s possible to unplug the switch from the router and the music should keep going until the end of the album or playlist. Of course, you can’t use the app to start another album, but what’s already started won’t stop. So if it stopped mid playing, and the rest of the network was still fine, it does indeed suggest the switch is faulty. It’s probably time to ask for a replacement under warranty.

OK, as the NDX2 just suddenly stopped playing when streaming. its not Discovery.
I (mis)understood on your post “NDX2 and NAS disappear off the network, but are both still running”

All apparently working… which makes it even more mysterious…

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