Powering down giving improvements?

I normally leave everything powered up. There seems to come a point where music becomes a bit flat and uninvolved.

If I power everything down for an hour or so then reboot life and sparkle seems to return. I only listen to cds so it’s nothing to do with wifi or streaming.

Anyone else notice this?


Yes, I do. I put it down the the fact that repowering deguasses the wiring and the electronics.

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Yes but you can power down too often. Last year the BBC was forcasting thunder storms nearly every week for several weeks in a row, my system never got time to settle at its optimum. It would have been easier to take if the storms had actually materialised but I think that happened only once.

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Welcome to Naim lowdenbill.
Its been noted by a number of forumites over the years, personally I’ve not noticed my system go ‘flat’ so have not tried a power cycle to test for it. That said, I do power down once or twice a month anyhow when I go away for a few days, so maybe its not on for a long enough period to reach your ‘flat’ experience.
When I do restart it’s a touch bright/light for a few minutes, but soon sounds normal.

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Maybe analogous to coming down first thing in the morning to a kettle filled with water.
Most always empty it and fill it with fresh drawn water for a brew.
As in, the longer the water is left to sit - the more it will try and unify with all the mineral deposits and unnatural elements.
If a hifi is powered up but left bereft of playing for some while, maybe just a good boil up is needed.

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After 90+ years, the BBC stopped their weather service by the Met Office in 2017, and have been using MeteoGroup over the last few years. Since then, there definitely has been a drop in my local forecast accuracy.


I thought it was my mind playing me tricks but now when I read others experiencing the same it might be something to it then.

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If you have a complex system with multiple power supplies, it would be beneficial to employ a few others for a coordinated switch on.
You want to get all those transformers on the same sine wave.


Same sine wave? Come on :laughing:

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Fortunately that isn’t a problem for me.

At 50Hz you’re aiming for a 20 ms wave, human reaction time is around 250ms, then there will be difference in switches, power supplies etc. I.e. consider it impossible for all practical purposes

I don’t think you’re taking into account the incredible timing of seasoned hifi enthusiasts, 250ms is for normal people, not those of us who spend our lives listening to the subtle timing differences of Ethernet cables. (Or less flippantly, Toby’s tongue was firmly in his cheek.)


Yes, I have noticed uplifts in sound quality in terms of more PRAT, crisp treble, even slight increase in gain after power cycling my system.

I first noticed it when I’ve occasionally had to power cycle 555PSDR when the NDX2 had screen freeze. I usually leave everything on but this weekend I changed the plug order in my Wireworld mains block (for 552, 555PS & 300DR). Then around 12-24 hours later after powering up I’ve heard improvements in SQ again. I will test again later in the week but I’ve no idea why the sound in a system changes after time if it’s left on.

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I wouldn’t trust the BBC. For anything. Just saying.

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Of course, whilst powered down you could take advantage of the opportunity and unplug and reinsert all cables and thereby enjoy an even bigger boost in performance.


I certainly noticed before the days of DR that the sound could become a little bloated and a power down for 5 mins or so restored the sound to full life. Since the days of DR I find this less of a problem, but I think a short power down every 2 or 3 months is beneficial.


Good housekeeping advice.:blush:

Whilst I leave my kit powered up 24/7, except for holidays, lightening etc., I have felt that it sounds better after powering down for a hour or two every other month or so. Although not so much so after I had the kit DR’d a few years ago.

I also feel it sounds even better after playing a couple of LPs.

Not that it ever sounds bad mind you.

Of course I could be kidding myself on all this.


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Seems to be a quite common… so an epidemic delusion :blush:

Nice to hear other music lovers notice a difference and it isn’t just me!