Powering down

For me it’s turning off via the switches on the front of the amplifiers and power supplies.


If you put a streamer or Uniti in standby it is, in effect, fully powered down. The main PSU, amp, DAC and streaming board are all disconnected.
The only thing that remains powered up is a tiny switching power supply that keeps the network card and remote alive, and this supply is turned off when the unit is turned back on.

For the separate amps there is no standby, only a mains switch. The newer streamers with onboard ps do have a standby SMPS as described and so do the unitis including the Core but a streamer powered from a 555ps or presumably an XPS has a standby button that closes down some of the circuitry but what’s left powered up is still run from the big transformer in the ps.
I’ve no idea if the recent Naits have standby SMPS and at the moment don’t particularly care, having no inclination to own one.

Thanks. Just trying to figure out what is “powered up” and “powered down” from a Uniti Nova standpoint, given the advice on this forum from time to time to leave things on or let them warm up before listening, etc. Perhaps some of that doesn’t apply for those of us at the “kids’ table” in terms of gear, but I wanted to give it a try just to see whether it made a difference.

The manual for Nova says

Typical use: 140W
Network standby mode: <2W
Deep sleep: <0.5W
Network Standby (with SD Card and/or USB devices attached): > 15W*.
*Actual power consumption will vary depending on the size and type of attached SD card or USB devices

So in standby mode (as @ChrisSU says) uses very little energy of about £5 per year. You could go one step further and go into a Deep Sleep to save an extra £3.70 per year.

You know how much a 250.2 and an xpsdr with a 272 consumes in standby?

I always leave energized except during holidays and lots of thunderstorms

The 250 is either on or off, there is no standby. When quiescent (no music playing) it uses about 25 watts.

I didn’t find the info about the 272’s consumption any more on the Naim website, but being a streamer and a preamp it will be comparable to those. Although I’m not sure how much of it is really off in standby when using an XPS.

Search for power consumption and you will find lots of threads about the topic, including specs from the website/manuals as well as actual consumption measured by forum members (which is very similar to the consumption as given in the manuals / specifications on the website). Simply click here for the search results:

For me it is less about power consumption (electricity is pretty cheap where I live) and more about sound quality. Does anyone have any recommendations about whether the Uniti range benefits from being warmed up or on most of the time? It does put itself on standby after some period of time with nothing playing, but I assume I can change that in the settings if needed.

I don’t have anything official about the Unitis, but you can try yourself if you hear a difference.

I do have something official about the dedicated streamers, and in principle similar things should apply (although any impact on the amp section is obviously not covered here). Click this post of mine, and from there go to the linked posts by Steve:

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Well, I think that covers it. I do have my Nova in “server” mode, and have the standby set to 30 minutes for purposes of turning off the screen. So, I think I am getting the best of both worlds there in terms of screen life and keeping the temperature stable.

Thank you for this information. Very helpful.

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Could be related to transformer saturation due to DC. A lot to read about this. Turning the system off and on will put the transformer back to normal performance. Knowing how sensitive the Naim transformer is to DC in general I find this likely to be one of the causes at least.

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Our mains in Germany (3 appartment house with single consumer unit with old wiring and probably poor earthing, single spur 6mm2(new)) is much worse than at our place in France (separate consumer unit all new including the house Earth and 6mm2 single spur). The transformers are often disturbed in Germany. France is always quiet. Sounds plausible the idea about effects in the power supplies. Of course the real test will be to take the system in Germany to France and hear the result

I think most posts suggesting that an objective change shouldn’t happen are based on the current science. The explanation of positive benefit is generally the pseudoscience :joy:

Are you seriously suggesting the people who claim that, this, that and the other shouldn’t happen are actually knowledgeable enough about the world, universe and everything to make such claims. :nerd_face:

I generally take explanations as to why something can or can’t happen with a pinch of salt. It doesn’t really matter, but it does get a bit boring, hence my post.

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Reading about ethernet cables to the NAS that improve the sound of the sub doesn’t become less boring. Just saying.

In any case, this doesn’t really have anything to do with my post that you originally replied to with this. Maybe some unexplained phenomena are dismissed too quickly. That doesn’t change that all the supposed “findings” on the forum are purely anecdotal. Which is why the comment pointing this out specifically for this thread was a funny one. That’s all there was to it.


Where is that? Can we all come and live there? Please.



i’ll join you the cost of energy is getting scary it better be fixed soon.

Just glad I don’t power my hifi with premium unleaded!

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Hi All,

I quizzed Flynn on this one & he confirmed that it was also news to him.

Suffice to say that this is not necessarily the “new” advice from Naim - if you find that regular power cycles work for your ears - go for it!



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