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I leave my system powered on 24/7 except when we experience severe thunderstorms in our area (God’s way of showing us Southerners life isn’t perfect in the South). This occurs 6 to 10 times a years. I just don’t want to take a chance on a lightning strike. Also getting a straight answer out of my insurance company is impossible. Any problem with powering down this often. Any advise would help. Thanks in advance.

No, not at all. Just power off from the amplifier first, working back to the source. And the opposite when starting up again.

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( i ) do the same with my UQ2.

Why does the order matter?

It just reduces the chances of any switching noise firing back through the amp and speakers.

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I will avoid those nather nasty sounds when the system is turned off and on correctly - as others have said for me AMP’s PSU source and the reserve when turning on - its good practice

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Thanks to both of you. I always put the pre to mute first, then turn other things off, but I will take on board your suggestion.

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Thanks for the help. Nasty little storm last night. I always power off amp,preamp, source—the power units that is. Then turn on in the reverse order.

Do you who always leave everything on also mute say overnight or when not using the system? I do but not sure if it is really any advantage at all doing so. Just feels better. On the other hand my former SN3 never came out of mute for one channel one day. Relay issue.

When I finish listening I always clear the playlist and then mute the system. My source is streaming only (I bought a CD player, I think it’s plugged up).

Our leader has it covered:

For electrical storms I would also disconnect your phone line, especially if you have an internet connection over a copper wire, as this can couple through Ethernet cables.

A quick way is to switch the amp off then switch back on when the connections have been made, and the whole house goes off.

Plus unplugging mains cables from the sockets?

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Yes, just turning off a switch will not isolate a lightning strike. Also unplug radio and TV aerials.


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