Powering Stageline with my spare HiCAP...how to?

I have upgraded my gear to a 252/SC/250. Thus my old 282/HiCAP2 are spare…however, I’m thinking I could use the HiCAP2 to power my Stageline N. I have searched similar threads, but cant quite find the answer to this…
…how do I connect the HiCAP to the Stageline and then to my 252? I’m assuming my SC can’t power the Stageline as well as the 252…?
I love Naim…apart from their connections!?

Hope someone can send me a diagram or walk me through this…

There are two ways you can power your Stageline here. First you can use the powered AUX2 input on the NAC252. This takes a dedicated feed (on dedicated windings) from the Supercap via the NAC252. You connect via SNAIC 5 which provides the 24V DC and takes in signal.

Otherwise you could power the Stageline from your spare Hicap. Again you would power it via a SNAIC 5 which would also take in signal to the Hicap. You then take signal from the Hicap (use one of the three DIN4 signal outputs) to one of the inputs on your NAC252 vi a 4-5 interconnect.


That seems easy! thanks…
why are there 2 sockets on my Stageline N? seems like only one (5 pin) is ever needed?

Yup, you would normally only use the DIN5. The other one was added in order to enable it to be powered from the i-Supply (the DIN4 offered a direct signal out as the i-Supply didn’t have one of its own), but it’s now basically redundant. You could still use the DIN4 on the Stageline (i.e. it will work), but it’s better to route the signal through the power supply as that ensures the best system earth arrangement.

Could anyone tell me which cable I need to power a stageline N from my NAC282. The pins on the supplied Snaic 5 are not aligned correctly so I assume that is is a different SNAIC.

You need a SNAIC 5. See the ID thread in the FAQ;

The SNAIC5 should look like this:

Got the cable - everything hooked up and singing. Appreciate the help!

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