Powerline as a option for Uniti products

@Naim.Marketing Having recently replaced the Powerline lite mains cable on my Atom HE with a full-fat Powerline and been very pleasantly surprised by the improvement it made, I wonder if you have considered offering the Powerline as an alternative to the Powerline lite as a (in apple-speak) ‘configure to order’ option for the Uniti range?

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I used a Powerline on my SU for a couple years and there was a definite improvement in SQ over the standard mains cord.

It’s certainly something you could ask your dealer about, so they can discuss with their Naim Rep.

Can’t see it being standard list item, but possibly could be a special order, as with Uniti being fitted with FM/DAB module.

But it would still need to come in a separate box, as the Uniti packaging would not have room for the full-fat Powerline.

The problem here is that if you bought an Atom with a PowerLine, should you sell it you’d have to sell the PowerLine as well, unless you bought a Lite. So you may as well just order it with the Lite and buy a PowerLine. I’m sure your dealer would knock off the £100 cost of the Lite if you bought an Atom and PowerLine together, so you’d have the best of both worlds.


I think this would be an excellent idea. By including the full fat Powerline in the box you would also avoid the need for the utterly ludicrous packaging that the Powerline is encumbered with when bought separately.

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They don’t put it in those tins anymore

Yes, that’s exactly what I had in mind. Make it an option like the dab module. Probably only a minority of your customers will go for it, but don’t make people buy a powerline lite if they already know they want the better performance of the powerline.

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Or better yet, sell all electrical products without power leads. I’ve probably got enough in drawers to hook uo everything I have 4 times over.

It’s a silly waste and should be sold seperately on every electrical product in my view.


Equally if you’re spending several thousand on a streamer omitting a power cable might sound sensible, but offers any manufacturer an ‘eco-friendly’ customer relations opportunity but ultimaltely the price of the streamer is unlikely to change and the manufacturer gets a bigger margin. This may sound cynical but Apple have done so by omitting power plugs and earphones from new iPhones in recent years - yes potentially good but I don’t think the prices have dropped!

Is this an entry in ‘Most fatuous post of the year’?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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At the risk of being even more stupid, I might have to ask you to walk me through why that idea is fatuous.

Really? You think that selling electronic devices without a necessary component is desirable. Bizarre…

I wouldn’t complicate things by offering different power leads at the point of sale far better to negotiate with your dealer it is surprising how helpful a good dealer can be.

If you don’t ask you don’t get?

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Well it is already illegal to bundle USB chargers in some countries because… well we all have drawers full of them. And to be honest, the only way someone doesn’t have a drawer full of mains leads is if they have been chucking them away as they go. There is really no need. Don’t bother with the lead. Customer can supply their own or buy a Powerline or whatever. And if they really want a free lead, the dealer can chuck one in on request. At $3 a pop, it is no skin off their nose.

Environmentally, I don’t see the need to supply things people might not (in fact probably won’t) need.

Naim aside, most mid to high end gear supplies no interconnects either. Same basic principle. Interconnects, power leads, USB chargers, and in the next few years as remotes shift towards apps, remote controls can all be dropped from standard package contents IMO.

Well my Atom came with a Powerline Lite and I don’t have drawers full of them. Probably, very unusual, I know, but …


I borrowed a Nova recently and it came with two leads, a U.K. one and a European one. That seems ridiculously wasteful of resources as one will never be used.

Yes, my NDX2 had the same. Needless waste.

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