Powerline cable difference?

Hi all and Merry Christmas!

I have just received a couple of ex demo powerlines for Christmas and have noticed the actual cable seems different from one another. Did Naim change the flex the used at some point? @Richard.Dane you maybe able to help?

Thanks all

Happy listening!

Popeye, sorry I can’t help as the Powerline arrived at the end of my time at the factory. I do, however have a few but, apart from minor diffegrences between pre-production and production examples, they are basically the same. Possibly one for Naim or hopefully someone else here can advise.

Do they have serial numbers ?
I have one without a serial number and the cable is slightly different to my other 4 power lines.
I thought it might be a early version

Yes both 2018 but the slightly younger serial number the different one.

I’d just plug em in and enjoy the upgrade…

I will be but just interested as to the reason for the difference.

I had before an old powerline which fitted not well to the 555 dr. The new powerline fitted well. So seems to be some differences.

I will take a couple of photos shortly to show.

The slightly newer one is the one with the flex that has a wave within it. Does have a very discreet powerline written written within the insulation.


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:small_blue_diamond:@popeye,…How’s the sound,.do they sound exactly the same.?


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Only just put them on so to early to tell, will have a better listen over the coming days.

:small_blue_diamond:@popeye,…This below I wrote in another thread.
Good to know,.if you’re going to compare these two Powerline’s in the same device.

:black_small_square:"We burn-in these new powercables in this way in 300 hours,.after that,they get to sit in the music-system for four days before we listen seriously.

But even if a powercable is burn-in,.and you have had it out of the system just a little while.
There is a difference in soundquality,.if you listen right after you put it in the system,.and after 30-40 minutes.

That difference increases even more after another hour.
This is important to know about,.if you shall test different powercables."


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The overall sound changes as you add more PLs. Hopefully agreeably so, but in the first few hours it can be rougher.


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