PowerLine Connection - Factory Repair While You Wait?

Has anybody had a small repair done by the factory whilst on a little factory tour?

Something small clearly.

My 552 has a loose power socket - the connection from the powerline is hit and miss.

Probably an easy job to fix it - so was wondering about combining with a factory tour when the world is back to normal.

Beats sending it away for 3 weeks.

Is this not the decoupling of the power sockets that @Richard.Dane was on about? Although you’s expect the connection to be sound

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The IEC inlet should have a small amount of free movement within the cut-out of the chassis. This is to provide a small degree of decoupling while still remaining safe and within regulations.

With the Powerline, you need to make sure it’s well pushed in, but down so correctly. See the FAQ here;

Or is there perhaps some other issue?

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You can get Class A in Sheffield to do repairs on a pre-arranged day so that you can drop the item off, and come back later to collect.

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Well - that seems to have sorted it. It really does need a VERY firm push - with equal and opposite pressure on the front to avoid a Flying Fraim level and Power supply :scream: …felt wrong, but there was a clicky ding and it went in further and seems solid.

I now await the huge performance boost from having a proper connection with great anticipation!

Well - who knew I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Apart from everybody now!


When you push the Powerline in, make sure to only hold it by the fat silver bit. As you now know, it needs a good shove. If you have other Powerlines you should check all of them. If not pushed in fully they can drop out and potentially cause problems.

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Blow me down - I thought my Powerlines were well and truly forced in but an extra grunt on the one into the 300 gave a sort of ‘clunk’ and what sounds now to be even better transient dynamics, percussion in particular. The CD555 likes it. Awesome !


Can your dealer not do this with help from Naim. My nd555 had a button illumination problem. I had a choice let Andy at Signals do it, or wait for Naim. A call to Naim snd Andy fixed it in front if me and adjusted it to my liking.

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Happens at least once in every thread that is opened for this topic :slight_smile:


Twice :relieved::thinking:

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There are even pictures by Our Leader in this one :slight_smile:

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Well I’ll make it three…

I have been trying different power cables and the Powerline was always the worst even compared to 20 yr old RA Powerkords. I knew about the way to fit the cable but remembered it incorrectly, I’d been pushing from the black part of the case. Anyway, tried it again and although it took a few times, once it looked right it sounded right too so the value of this forum comes through again.

However, I’ve noticed that the amplifier is more susceptible to hum with the Powerline but is virtually inaudible using the RA. Any thoughts on why there should be such a difference?

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I stand to be corrected but as far as I can gather the only unique feature of the Powerline is the mechanical decoupling … the cable used is fairly standard … no special construction / fairy dust … just well made and extra attention paid to mechanical isolation … which i have no issue with ( apart from maybe the cost but that is down to the user )


And potentially missing out on the true SQ from not having it incorrectly seated. This is why i always read through equipment guides no matter the manufacturer as you might miss a gem of knowledge somewhere in the guide.

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