Powerline Connection

The point of first resistance simply means that when you insert it in the socket the jaws hit the pins in the socket, and won’t go further with merely a gentle push. That’s the point at which you give it a good shove.

Here you go, a couple of pictures for you of a Powerline inserted in the back of a Hicap.

The picture below shows how the rear section of the plug looks when you incorrectly connect by pushing in while also gripping the rear section - note it is still jammed in close to the metal body;

Whereas the picture below shows how the rear section of the plug looks when you correctly connect by just gripping the metal body - note the rear section has moved back a couple of mm and there’s now a clear gap that’s visible;


Many thanks Richard. That’s really helpful and I can see the difference. Looking at mine I reckon one is ok and three are not properly seated. Not sure what I could do differently in terms of technique but it’s very helpful to see what we are aiming for.

Perhaps you could add your comparison photos to the Powerline FAQ thread so it can help others in future?



More like so then. I noticed that when you pushed it in holding the metal body the rubber end is loose so depending on how you leave it when touching it it can look either like it’s correct mounted or wrong even though the full connector cannot be moved further in. I need to hold the metal body and gently pull the cable/rubber part backwards to get it separated like this. No way getting it like this by just pushing the metal housing in. I swear I will damage my Naim box if pushing any harder than I do :slight_smile:

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I think what confuses many (inc me) is that when fully seated in, there’s a gap of 2/3mm between the PL sheath and the socket, with the shaft of the PL visible.

The guidance has always been to insert until resistance is felt and then push a tad more but mine don’t act like this - they simply push in via using the metal sheathing - well they have to date!

I’ll have to have a better fiddle with the next re-build.

I’ve checked mine out and the one into the Supercap didn’t seem to have any significant gap. A bit of strenuous jiggers pokery on both parts and I have done what I can. Blow me down if there’s not more oomph now with the vinyl playback. Or there again, maybe it is my vivid imagination… :flushed:


All of mine where fine, but the visible gap wasn’t exactly the same everywhere. On most it was clearly visible, but on one not so much. However that one won’t go any farther either, I’d start aluminium fusion if I pushed even more.

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