Powerline for non-Naim amp?

I have a Sim Audio Moon 340ix integrated amplifier with a Melco N100 music library and Klipsch Forte III speakers. Chord S6 mains block and Chord cables throughout. The S6 is connected to the wall socket with a Chord Epic cable.

I’m now looking to upgrade the mains cable on the amp which at present is a Chord C Power cable which sold for £60 but is now unavailable. I’m looking to spend around £500 - 600 and another Chord Epic is perhaps the obvious choice. However it is an extremely difficult cable to dress, being very inflexible. Space is tight and getting the cable on the S6 block properly positioned has been a bit of a nightmare. The Powerline is much more flexible and so I’m thinking this might be a better option at the price.

Has anyone had any experience of using the Powerline outside of it’s natural habitat? Is there anything I should be particularly aware of? I know it’s not shielded, unlike the Chord cables and the S6 block. I don’t know how much this matters or if it’s of any relevance at all.

Any experiences or comments welcome. Thanks.

I use Powerlines on my Chord DAC and power amp. The ease with which you can shape the cable certainly makes dressing it easy.

I use Powerlines on a lot of different boxes- its a good power cable.

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I use Powerlines on my Naim sources, plugboards and Sugden amps. It’s a great cable and gives a noticeable uplift in performance.

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Power-Lines work well with non Naim kit. A pair of pre-loved Power-Lines worked out to be a similar cost to a new one and I use them with a Devialet amp and a Naim NDX 2.
The spare Power-Line Lite from the NDX 2 went onto the Cisco 2960 in the office (I needed an IEC lead so why not…) and a spare Power-Line Lite plug I had is used on an old RA mains cable to power my PhoenixNET switch.
At least buying pre-loved means you can sell them on without loss if you don’t find they work in your particular setup.

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Thanks for the replies. It seems the Powerline may be the way to go given that it will be far easier to dress in a tight space than the ultra-stiff Chord cable.

I have one on my sub.

From a practical point of view a PL would be good option. While it’s obviously a good cable as such, the question is how it sounds in this setup. Plus…

You’ll have to cut off the Naim IEC connector for a C19 at the S6 end if I’m correct? The sonic outcome from that is a question mark too. Besides the question which C19 connector to use. From experience I know that this connector (the inlet feeding the power strip) has a clear audible effect.

So as there are a few unknowns, I’d opt for a pre loved PL to keep the cost of this experiment (in a way) down.

No need to change the IEC. I will be retaining the Chord Epic mains cable on the S6. The PL will be from the S6 to amp.

Ah… I thought this was to solve this issue of the stiff Epic cable. Misread that, apologies.

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