Powerline - Furutech Plug - transparent vs. Black

I really think this has been dealt many times, but could not find anything within search.
Is there a difference in SQ with Powerline Cables with older transparent or newer black/transparent furutech plugs?
THANKS - also for pointing me in the correct thread :slight_smile:

I looked into the same couple of years back.

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Thanks - so there is no difference in SQ… I assume??? Even if the black Plug (like him better) is up the range.
Have a black one with 555PS and can get a used transparent one.

I’m not so sure the black one is higher up the range. I believe the black one replaced the transparent one and that’s why the earlier Powerline use transparent and current ones black. Black looks better and is newer so chose that if possible :slight_smile:

Most offered are the transparent ones - so it is here :slight_smile:
But transparent ones came in Metal Box :slight_smile:

It has always been a metal box AFAIK?

Mine (from 2022) came in a cardboard box.

Does the older Cables - transparent plugs - have all the “red dot” on the plug (phase)?

Looked in the net and only one cable showed a red DOT. My new one has a red dot. is there any chance to know the correct direction without red dot? I think a dealer can test it through? Can he? Never had this topic before.

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