Powerline fuse?

Naim powerline (with Furutech Shuko plug) connecting my mains block to the wall took an accidental knock and is now kaput. All Naim electronics running off the block thankfully survived.

Turns out there’s no fuse in the Furutech plug, and no easy way to get inside the IEC plug despite removing the two main screws. Don’t think there’s a fuse in there either. What’s the prognosis for my powerline?

Also, anyone else find the IEC socket on a Musicworks G3 block overly floating / decoupled when connected to a powerline – in other words, a slight breeze could dislodge it?

I am outside UK and use the same set up - a Euro (Schuko) Powerline to a G3.

There is no fuse in the Schuko Powerline - a fused power lead is not required in countries where Schuko outlets are used.

The IEC connector sits very securely in the G3 but you have to give it a good push (holding the metal housing, not the cable) to seat it. Once seated, the only movement is the float in the Powerline IEC conector body.


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