Powerline lite plug top on a NAPSC?

I have a spare UK Powerline lite cable, and was considering whether to sell it, or place the Plug-Top on my (Olive) NAPSC?

Any point in plug swapping, or better to sell?

No harm in giving it a go. I use my spare one on a RA cable powering my PhoenixNET.

If you don’t find any benefit then put it back on the ‘lite cable and sell it on.

Someone on here was telling us the dramatic difference that a full powerline made to their napsc. Now, im not there with that one, but…
Give it a go and report back about blacker blacks, sweet highs, a veil being lifted and significant other uplifts…
Me, a multi headed Hydra on my naim gear including the napsc.

Thanks @james_n I know I could try it, it’s just that it’s a real pain to get access to it, so was being a bit lazy.

@Thegreatroberto the version 1 NAPSC has the mains cable hard wired, so this seemed a possible upgrade. If the powerline worked for someone else, then perhaps the lite might have an effect - thanks

I tried a Powerline lite on my napsc (latest model) and couldn’t really hear any difference. A while later I swapped out the 13 amp fuse in the plug for an SR Orange and that was a nice improvement in clarity.

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