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So I’m intending on buying a powerline for my Nova, looking for anyone with experience for some input.

Also…and this is in my head somewhere. I have an extension lead (not a cheap Asda job…but not a new power source by any stretch…was about 60 quid)

To get the best out of the powerline, should I aim to plug it in the wall, or will it do it’s job from the power out the extension cable (in reality that’s where I will have to plug it)

Cheers for any input.

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For the record…I do intend to audition. These are just thoughts running through my head.

I’ve added a Powerline to my Nova and it was worthwhile, more solidity, cohesion and control.

If it won’t reach your wall socket you’d probably need to add a decent hi-fi power block and mains lead back to the wall, which will improve things further as well.

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Thanks Mike…any idea on a decent (not silly money) block I can have a look at.

I have Russ Andrews Powerbar S 4 way extension. Seems to work for me and just over £100.

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Not essential the powerline is plugged into wall with something like that?

I’m in New Zealand, so our options might be different. I use an Isotek power block and mains leads back to the wall plug, then a Powerline from the power block to my Nova.

I used to own a Nova and replaced the original mains cable with power line.
I thought it worth every penny as it sounded more musical.


Same here - adding a full fat Powerline to my Nova was well worth the money (at ex-dem prices!).


With the RA powerbar you will need another cable to the wall, as it doesn’t have a captive one.
The powerline doesn’t have any esoteric cable within, just decent quality. The connections being its strongest point.
Using a powerbar with the standard cable that came with the Nova, to connect to the wall. Then a powerline connected to the powerbar to the Nova should be worthwhile. Better still to get two powerlines.

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