Powerline Upgrade Order

Am upgrading all our Powerline Lite to full fat as funds allow.

System is 272/XPS/250.

So far done wall to Wireworld Matrix which drives XPS.

Second Power line arriving Monday - would it be best to plug into XPS or 250?

Hoping to add third and final Powerline soon, but they’re quite hard to source ex-demo just now.

Simple, just try it in both and see what the outcome is

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Hi Iain,

I wouldn’t say I am a power cable skeptic, but my experience were that the gains were very marginal …until I tried a Powerline with my 300DR, not a revelation but a VFM upgrade; as I assume you have found.


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I can certainly try in both, was just hoping to avoid too much recabling and power cycles.

My initial thought was the 250 would benefit most since it sucks the higher amps so will probably just go with that.

Source first. Simple

I would spend the money on more music personally….


You mean sign up for 48 different streaming services? :partying_face:

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Lots of ways. Go to actual concerts. Try getting music different ways than just streaming from Spotify or whatever it is you do.

Or give the money to people who actually need it to eat properly or can’t afford medical care.

Don’t waste money on disproportionately priced cables anyway.


There is a lot of truth in that. With just a XPS and 250 it’s perfectly possible to wire both into a standard 13 amp plug. Before any (more) Powerlines, dedicated mains will do a lot more for a lot less.

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Had a spare power cable (An Ecosse Orange) on impulse plugged it into my Sky Box- to my amazement a much better picture and clearer sound.


I’ve read that exact same feedback on that specific cable for a Sky Q box elsewhere.

It could have been me - it was just so noticeable how clean and precise the colours became

I have tried quite a few tweaks; many recommended on this forum. The only one that made a significant difference (and much to my surprise) was a Powerline. Buy one on the auction site as I did and if you think it is a waste of time you can move it on at probably no cost (prices have gone up noticeably recently).

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I’ve bought both mine via naim dealers but at significant discount. One brand new (athough it was advertised as ex demo so that was worth the phone call), one lightly used but as new.

Certainly wouldn’t be paying full price for them when you can get used ones for under 2/3 new price.

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In my limited experience, I suspect the Wireworld Matrix strip may be the bottleneck to the mediocre performance of any system, especially with amps plugged into it. The full potential of the system may be unleashed if you can do dedicated mains as suggested by HH. If that’s not practical, there are alternative power conditioning products but they are usual quite costly in comparison to the WW Matrix.

FWIW I have WW Matrix 2 too but have made some adjustments. My critical components now go direct to the wall outlet.

Are your sockets for the hifi wired directly to the dis board (with no tap offs)
To me to plug a powerline into a socket that’s daisychained around the house makes no sense…
spend the money on a dedicated electrical feed.

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Not sure that accusing Naim of peddling snake-oil on their forum constitutes good manners…


When I bought my ND5XS2, I had traded in my Turntable on it, so I had a credit with the dealer. He said I can have a Powerline for the ND5 with the credit, I passed and grabbed a pair of Kef LS 50 Meta’s with the money. I can actually hear the Kef’s, unlike adding Powerlines in my experience…so I agree with David.
Maybe it is a Canada versus UK power grid difference, but I always had to convince myself I heard an improvement when adding them.
For the money they charge, it should be obvious right away, not the case.

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You have a point. I have made a small edit.

For the price of two power lines here in NZ could upgrade my P6/Ania to a P8/Apheta.

Personally I would spend any money on peripheral upgrades unless I had my end game source.

In terms of value for money upgrades putting it into the source always yields more band for your bucks IMHO…