Powerline Upgrade Order

Upgrading hardware at this point would involve 282/hicap or sc and a furniture change as current slots are full. 272 would then be straight box swap for NDX2.

So I’ll happily tinker around the edges by changing to Powerlines and adding Superlumina if possible ex demo in the meantime. In the knowledge that it will all be worth it when the end game hardware arrives.

Dedicated mains possibly on the cards but not 100% sure we’re staying in current property for the long term so haven’t pushed button on that yet.

The only negative I’ve found with the Powerline is the same as the only negative comments you ever see on Naim equipment: It’s expensive. It made me wonder why it isn’t standard. Though it was fun going through the upgrade so I guess that’s why…lol. But as for it’s value or utility, it had an instant improvement with my Nova. Obvious and wonderful. And now, a couple weeks later, here listening at a (I just mentioned this elsewhere) common level, set at 50, it was abnormally loud. So I checked with the meter, 110dB! I’d say the Powerline is burning in.

And absolutely I second the dedicated circuit for the unit. It isn’t expensive to have an electrician run one, or two. Yeah. Two. I ran one and have them coming back to add another. (Future proofing…lol…)

As for snake oil, I’m starting to think power conditioners are that…

Having 2 power lines on my 552 and 500, I can confirm the ones I made myself sound exactly like them, but cost about 5% of the price

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Woah, I take it you stuck the DB meter right in front of the speaker?
And that is probably peaks?:wink:

That was peaks, and no, the meter was on my iPad next to me. It wasn’t that loud for long.

Power conditioners aren’t “snake oil” when you have crappy electricity. I lived in a high rise built in the late 60’s and the electricity was so awful my plasma display had horrible picture. I purchased a power conditioner hoping it would help and it absolutely worked. In my current home, the same display is plugged into a wall outlet and the picture is perfect.

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Well I’m sure the quality can be replicated. I’d also note, if able to make an equal cable yourself, having purchased two Naim Powerlines, myself, for 10% of the cost I’d make two more and sell the Naim cables. People are always looking for them. But in buying the Powerline I knew what I was getting because I’m not making my own. Not to mention, if I ever have a problem, in using NACA5, Powerline and Naim anything else I’d need in the future, there won’t be any question about links in the chain.

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Not going to sell them as part of the 552dr and 500dr package
But the shielded one’s I made using good cable and ends, certainly sound just as good

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What components are critical, @ryder ?Amplifier?


Hi David, I was referring to the amp and DAC as critical components which go to the wall outlet.All other components go to the power strip.

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