Powerline, where would you put it?

Hi all,

I have just purchased a SH powerline, my first ever.

Whilst I wait for PL to arrive in a few days, I thought I would get my juices flowing with a bit of PL conversation.

Having searched the old and and new forum for information, I didn’t find any relating to my set up NDS/XPSDR/282/SCDR/250DR/HLine/Fraim.

When I receive the PL I will play around and try it on the different boxes, however, I am interested in hearing from people’s experiences.

The question is, what black box would you connect it to?

Interesting thought. Mine is connected to the NDS, but everything else is on a hydra.

250DR. since your other gear is already supported by the quality power supplies, you might find the biggest change with it put on this.

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Is it connected to your PS for your NDS or directly into your NDS?

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I haven’t thought of it like that. I was wondering why there was a lot of talk about connecting it to the amp instead of the PS. That makes perfect sense now. Thanks.

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As the NDS has no power socket, I think you can answer this question…


Good point HH, didn’t think that one through.

Apologies to being unclear … @hungryhalibut
I’m still waking up

PreAmp first with Powerline Lite I would assume that would also apply here. A PLL on my 82/Hicap, as suggested by my dealer - I wasn’t prepared for how good the upgrade was!


Interesting - now that I’ve walked the dog I’m awake enough to peep behind the Fraims. As suggested it is plugged into the 555PS, but I do have a spare socket if I was to buy another one for the 52’s supercap.

Is this a worthy upgrade?

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Don’t worry, it was obvious what you meant. The approach I’ve taken with Powerlines is to get one for everything, which is fine as I only needed two before getting the tuner. There is no definitive answer as to which box is the ‘right’ box to do first, and the idea of trying them all systematically is hardly appealing. In sure it would benefit your 52, and then of course the power amp…

Good point - I’ll stick to my hydra for the moment as I only have four dedicated sockets, of which two are free thanks to the hydra.

In my system I found putting a single PL made most difference on the XPS. When I got a second it improved my 250DR. If/when I get a SC I will buy another for that. I have a hydra on my Hicaps

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I’m sure that you’ll enjoy trying the PL on each box and listening for the change and then making up your own mind, I know that I did. My only advice would be not to leave out your Napsc from the trials. I had 3 PL’s in my system before a thread on the old forum prompted me to try a PL on the Napsc. The improvement was of such significance that my 250 had to live without a PL until funds allowed me buy another,
have fun,

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I have one Powerline on the 300DR and all the other boxes on Powerline Lites including the Turntable PS…
Works best for me. Every source gets the benefit from it then, as would be the case putting it on the pre.

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Thanks for the tip, I Hadn’t thought of including the NAPSC in the trials. Very interesting.

Makes sense. Out of interest, did you try a powerline lite on your power amp to compare with the full powerline?

I’m using lites on everything and wondering if I should try a full powerline on the 200DR. Curious to know how the sound changes.

Actually, no.
I think I just assumed that as it performed best there against the stock cables the same would be true with the PLL’s.
If I wasn’t so happy with the performance of my system at the moment I’d experiment.
In your circumstances though I’d certainly take a demo PL from my dealer. If you have an itch, scratch it.
Steve O.

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Without knowing what the rest of your system is it’s hard to know but I think if I had a 200DR and money to spend I’d look at getting a 250 first, then worry about a PL later.

I’ve got the 202 pre, NAPSC, 200 DR, CD5si and a rega RP8 with PMC twenty5 22s.