Powerline - which box best?

Hi, I have a 282/250dr/HiCap (non-DR) and an NDX going into a Chord Qutest, all powered via an Isol-8 Axis Minisub. All the kettle leads powering the Naim boxes are old school kettle leads that came with the boxes. If I was to upgrade the power leads would I be best getting one full powerline for one of the boxes, or powerline lites for 250dr + HiCap, or a different power cable altogether? Budget means I can’t afford multiple full powerlines.
And does anyone think upgraded leads would remove any residual hum? Thanks!

Personally I would save the money towards a HicapDR before adding Powerlines.

I doubt Powerlines will have any effect on hum from the amp.


My set up is very similar to yours but I have the HC DR and would agree with @ChrisSU about where to target your funds first. I don’t have the hum but would suggest experimenting with the ‘floating earth’ settings before anything - not sure your Chord will be helping with this.

Coincidentally, I fitted my first full fat Powerline yesterday and have it on the High Cap - I chose this by (attempted) logic rather than listening to alternatives. Frankly it was too hot and I didn’t have the patience!

I’ve ordered my first ever PowerLine today and figured that I shall plug it into my SN3 rather than the HiCap or XPS DR. With the amplifier being the most sensitive to these types of upgrades?

Just to be awkward, I would have gone for the XPS DR. This was the best option to support my CDS3 but I was running a 250 DR rather than SN3.

Its easy to trial so swap it around and let us know which was best in your system.

But the real problem is the Powerline does work and you’ll soon end up with 3 anyway.


Indeed. Good cables though and they don’t just work well with Naim kit.

I was advised source (noticeable), pre (marginal), power (for completion).

My words in brackets, but you get the drift.



Four - if i also include my n-SUB.:flushed::+1:

I hated connecting mine! Felt like I was going to break something until I heard a ‘click’

I have powerlines on all the boxes that require power. Well worth the cost and I agree the HC should get upgraded to DR for ideal SQ.

A Powerline on an N-Sub doesn’t really fit. The cable will be kinked against the floor underneath, likely wiping out any possible benefit of the decoupled design of the IEC plug. It also eliminates the possibility of using the high level input as the large plug gets in the way. Maybe better to re-purpose a spare Powerline Lite.

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Oh good, thanks for the heads up. Yes i already utilise a Powerline Lite for the n-SUB.

Ended up inserting my PowerLine into my XPS DR to start with, and that’s where it’s staying. Just ordered another two. A really good cable, i love the quality and feel, really matches my HiLine well, and i’m so pleased i gave it a go. Hard to put into words really, but the music just sounds altogether nicer all round, and that’s good enough for me. Highly recommended.

I’ve never heard the click and I’ve pushed as hard as I could.

Wondering now if my Powerlines are only half in :grimacing:

My new PowerLine did not click when fully inserted and i can assure you it’s at home.


Buy a good one for your 250 first. I recommend Cardas Clear Beyond

Two of my boxes clicked the 555ps didn’t…

I’d contact Naim and ask them if that’s normal. I’m new to PowerLines and my new one didn’t click. I know for sure it’s fully inserted. A bit like grinding a six inch concrete block to the line, it’s either there or it isn’t :thinking:

Must admit I hate doing mine… luckily it’s not very often…

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Mine was quite simple. Just plug it in, with some force. No problem. It wasn’t a big deal. It’s only a mains cable, not an earthquake, although that maybe argued, afterwards… :sunglasses:

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