Powerline (which components)

Hi forum members,
I have just purchased 2 powerlines, with another to follow in the near future. I have a nap 250dr, nac 282 and a supercap dr. Which two components should I connect the powerlines to first, bearing in mind it will not be possible to chop and change the cables between the units until the third cable arrives.
Many thanks for taking the time to reply.

Place them in the Nap 250 dr and Supercap. In my opinion a third one isn’t required for the napsc. I have mine on the 250dr, Supercap dr and XPS DR.


Have never year heard 2 people agree on this. Try for yourself; use your ears and you will have the answer.


Yep this is the best advice.

Seeing as the 282 doesn’t have a power connection, that makes the decision a bit easier :wink: As said, most would probably opt to try SC & 250DR first.

Many swear by them on the NAPSC though.

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Really? That’s surprising, read that you can pretty much put the NAPSC anywhere, e.g. on the floor, as it’s not that important. Interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for all your replies, at the moment one powerline is on the supercap and one on the napsc . I will switch the one on the napsc to the 250dr and see what I think :thinking:. KRO

Would be interested to hear how it works out!


I only have 2 Powerlines and have struggled to know on which components to use them.

Unless I’m mistaken I’m pretty sure that in previous threads people have suggested a perhaps obscure usage on the NAC 282’s NAPSC has given very positive results.

The more equipment you have the more permutations there are which can be tricky to test in a remotely objective manner.

I think you just have to test things as best as possible yourself and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Certain combinations I didn’t like eg using a Powerline on a Wirewold Matrix power strip - just made everything sound thin.

Did the Powerline on the NAPSC bring any positives?

Agreed, just didn’t consider the NAPSC when trying power leads on the various boxes … now I’m just going to have to go rummaging around the back of the rack :slightly_smiling_face:


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Alley cat have only just got the supercap and powerlines so I haven’t tested the different combinations so far, it will take a few weeks. It’s a bit of a pain to keep dismantling the rack and putting it back together :+1:

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Yep. This is what I heard as well!

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All the potential permutations can be frustrating and there’s also the unintended potential tweak that simply plugging/unplugging leads may do a ‘basic’ clean on the connectors as well!

I don’t know about many, there were a few on here but they have since been taken away by the men in white coats :smiley:

As a previous 282 owner I never tried a PL on the NAPSC, logically it didn’t make sense to me & never got the urge to try. I solved this problem by swapping to a 252 :grinning:

All jokes aside, you never know till you try!

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When I had that set-up, I used the Powerline on the SupercapDR and NAPSC. One on the 250DR made it a bit too forward and edgy.

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Hi everyone, have just dismantled the system and put it back together. One powerline in the supercap and one in the 250dr. Will have a long listen and see what I think. The thing I have noticed is that the hum from the speakers has gone, so at least that’s a positive
Once again thanks for your help KRO :+1:


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