Powerlines for Amplifiers

I’ve ordered a new 282/200DR pre/power amp combination. The 282 comes with a NAPSC as standard. I’m considering buying Powerlines - do I need to buy two ( for both the pre and power amps) or can I get away with buying one, and if so, what connections would give the most benefit. Many thanks all, in advance.

Theoretically on the pre as it then impacts all inputs. In practice if you have one then it’s your ears in play. For me logic says pre. Ears say power and always have. It’s also worth noting that for a lot of people more Powerlines may not equal better.

I’d look at it this way: for the price of two Powerlines you could more or less get a Hicap DR; for the price of a new 200DR you could more or less get a used 250DR. Before you get Powerlines you might like to consider dedicated mains. Firm foundations and all that.


@hungryhalibut has it right. I would, if possible, have a dedicated radial spur installed at first. The best £300 I’ve ever spent (2006 prices!) but since then I’ve acquired PLs for my CDS3, SC, HC (on my Superline) and 250DR and definitely a considerable improvement on each. If only one PL is available then traditional Naim source first thinking would say up front but experience tells me the power amp is where it has greatest impact.

Good luck.


Andy, You have bought a very fine amplifier by anyone’s standards. Enjoy it for what it is. No need to overthink this stuff :slight_smile:


Moot point. Some have argued yes but I haven’t tried. As HH says id be thinking more towards a HC(DR), good value and regularly available 2nd hand.



Some have said that it does. That said, I’d reiterate the suggestion that you install dedicated mains as the first step. I’d also suggest that you get your lovely new amplifier and get used to it for a few months before spending more. I’d also ask if you already have a good stand for your equipment - the NDX2, 282 and 200 is a fine setup and deserves something decent to sit on. In my experience a good stand will make more difference than a Powerline and would be a better place to put your money.

HH makes a valid point. I had a dedicated mains fitted and it made a huge difference. I had three runs of 6mm2 installed over a longish distance and it cost me £750.

Also, Naim equipment comes with PowerLine Lites, which are good in their own right.

Source first if it hasn’t already got one but it will burn in quicker on the power amp and in your case also feed the pre. I did find a benefit from using one on the PSC and that one never made it back onto my 250-2, but I did get another after a bit. Just have fun trying it on each box.

Thank you for all your comments. I have a NDX2 which has a Powerline to which I’m adding a 555PSDR. The latter comes with a Powerline and I was just trying to assess where best to put it pre or power, or buy a further PL).

I have dedicated mains but cannot fit any additional kit (eg. HCDR) into my existing rack. I don’t like FRAIM and in the immediate term won’t be changing the rack due to spousal preferences!!

Where do you put your PSC?
If it’s on the floor there’s probably little point in using a decoupled mains lead.

The NAPSC will be in the rack. It will fit (but a HICAP DR) will not.

Make sure its cable doesn’t touch the rack, even f it’s not a powerline. It’s very tempting to line it up at the front but it may be better towards the rear.

Thanks for the advice. My cabling is currently a mess and I’m going to take the opportunity of getting this new NAIM kit to tidy everything up.

Will you be placing the NAPSC on top of something else?

Yes I will Christopher, one of the other NAIM units, but I don’t know which (any views, pre, power or PS?). My rack situation is far from ideal (Alphason) and there will need to be some stacking, but a change in rack at this time is not an option.

I think I would be tempted to stash it on the floor underneath if it will go. But others will be able to advise better. Enjoy your new gear.

I agree with @Christopher_M , the advice I received was to get the NAPSC as far away as the lead allows. Mine sat happily on a small shelf well away from the rack. This may then give you space for a HiCap at some time in the future. Enjoy your excellent system!
If you are getting a power supply for the NDX , then surely you will only need one power line.

Dont know if it will help, but looks like you may be able to fit in a extra low height shelf in there perhaps for your Sky and Sony devices

I already have one Powerline for my existing NDX2 and another will be coming supplied with the 555PS. My thought was, one for the source, and one for the amplifier. The original thread was to establish whether this would be better to the 282 (I.e. the NAPSC) or to 200 power amp. Many thanks and “Howay the Toon!”.

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