After swapping out my MusicWorks mains block, I stood back and had one of those “hmmm” moments.

There’s five Powerlines going into a G3 block, which is stood off to one side of the Naim rack, meaning that the surplus cable is simply coiled on itself.

Is this ideal, or could it be improved upon … … … or is it just my OCD showing?

My understanding is that coiling a power cable reduces it’s safe current carrying capacity, ie. it can cause the cable to heat up. Not sure if this would be a specific safety concern considering the relatively short lengths involved but I suspect that it could impact on sound quality. But how much …who knows?

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A few coils in a domestic situation will not cause any issues…


I doubt there will be a significant effect on the sound, but those cables can sure look messy.
When I rewired the house I was able to position wall sockets so that the length of my Powerlines was more or less exactly right to reach from rack to sockets (or in your case, mains block).
With my Atom I just shortened the Powerline Lite by a few inches.

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