hello all

i am into to Powerlines for my Naim,
but, my dealer told me you need it only on pre amps and on streamers, and end equipment like a Uniti.
i have NDX2, + NAC 252 + NAP 300DR
does it makes sense to use a powerline also on the NAP300?

Thanks for your answers

Yes it does. The power amp draws the most current and, arguably, may benefit most from a PL.

The IEC plug (and how it fits) on a PL is far better than on the standard cable.


I tried one around my system which at the time was a CD5x/FC2x, 282, HC, 250.
Briefly the effect was:
Source, coherence
Pre, resolution
power, bass weight and impact.

I ended up with them everywhere but the power amp came last, even after the PSC.
I had one on my Core too when I used it with a DAC but not since moving it to another room and streaming from it.


I use Powerlines on 552, NDX2 and recently added one to my 300DR. Recommended :+1: What Powerline is great at (and what NACA5 sucks at) is flexibility. PL is super easy to dress and cable dressing is super important with Naim IMO.


I found the difference that adding a powerline made to all of my equipment was pretty similar. My 300 was definitely better for being fitted with a powerline

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Cable dressing to the extent of powerlines not touching each other or just away from the other cables?

Powerlines definitely impact power amplifiers positively.

When we had our 250DR we added a Powerline and it changed for the better.

Now got Powerline on our 300DR. Can’t hand on heart say if it’s had a positive impact as we have never turned it on without the Powerline :smile:

We’ve got Powerlines on all 5 powered boxes. 4 were sourced (lightly used, perfect) over an 18 month period at cost well below RRP. 5th Powerline came included with 555PSDR.

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Both :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. I currently have powerlines away from other cables but will redress them, so they don’t touch each other.

My dealer suggested me to put my powerline to the main outlet connected to my Wireworld Matrix instead of from the wireworld to my 250DR :thinking:

Does that makes sense?

I have powerlines on all powered components including 3 Nap 250s. I think they are essential for higher level Naim systems.

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Just warm up the NacA5 with a hairdryer and it easy to bend and will stay that way.

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How funny and yet true Don :clap:t2: ATB Peter

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Powerlines make a big improvement on Poweramps also.
I now use a Musicline Power Igel + with Powerlines,which is even better.

I have Powerlines averywhere, including one from the wall socket to the Wireworld Matrix.
Does it improve sound quality? It probably makes the whole thing sound more coherent, and at least it gives you peace of mind…


i get next week from my dealer a Shunyata Venom NR V10, he told me its better as a Naim Powerline, so i go to try it,

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I have powerlines on all components. Definitely worth it.


I purchased my first powerline this week and really impressed with it on my SN3. Going to try it on the CDS3 and Hicap at the weekend to see what it does.

Anyone using a Powerline on a sub?