Powers supply; NDX2, 282 and headline combined?

Q: Is it possible to combine power supply for NDX2, NAC 282 and Headline into one/1 power-supply? If so which one wuld that be? NB Flatcap is not considered.

background; I will be purchasing the NDX2, NAC 282 and Headline shortly and i know I get the (one) napsc for the 282 with it. To make sure i have it all power-up i am now considering an extra napsc (for the headline) and a Hicap (for the NAC 282 audio part). This based on earlier feedback from this forum, Thanks!.

I prefer to have one power-supply for NAC 282 and Headline, and (nice to have) the NDX2. (I already ruled out the flatcap)

Any suggestions?

In short, no, there no Naim power supply that combines power for all these things.

The NDX2 takes either an XP5xs, XPS2/XPS DR, or 555PS/555PS DR.

An extra NAPSC for the Headline and a Hicap for the NAC282 sounds like an excellent plan.

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Please note I have removed a post the breaches forum rules. Please note that discussion of unauthorised modifications, which includes non-Naim power supplies, is not permitted here. Use of 3rd party power supplies is not recommended, will not give you the performance intended by Naim, and in the event of a consequential fault, may well invalidate any warranty offered by Naim.

Opps that was me, sorry

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Hi Richard


Hi Richard

Got a tip of my local hifi store;
Would a NAC 252 combined with a supercap dr be an option to also power the headline?
I know it is an even bigger dent in my wallet.

If you’re wanting a one power supply solution to power pre and headline then this won’t work either. I’d take the 282, power it with Hicap and get another NAPSC for the Headline as you’ve already suggested.

While it’s technically possible to power a Headline from the AUX2 socket via a SLIC lead and then input signal to one of the other inputs, it sets up an earth loop that impairs overall performance, so is not recommended by Naim. A NAPSC on the Headline is the much better solution.

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