Prada Cup Sailing races

I have been watching the Prada Cup races in Auckland, New Zealand - and though I’m not a sports fan, I’ve really been enjoying it. Lots of competition, good racing, and great sportsmanship.
I’m surprised that there is little or no mention of it on the various 'net sites I use - I don’t think that I’ve seen it on any of the BBC news sites I look at (perhaps it is hidden away somewhere).
The Round Robins have been really good - America’s boat crashed and capsized, sadly, with extensive damage to the boat - but the crew are fine. They are fixing it, and have had lots of help from the other three teams, as well, of course, from the local New Zealand services. The Kiwis haven’t been sailing competitively for a couple of weeks or so, because they get an automatic place in the final. Luna Rossa (Italy) have been consistently good, and should be very much in the running. The surprise has been the UK boat - Britannia - which was not doing terribly well in the December races, but have really turned things around, winning all 6 of their races.
Semi finals coming up - that will be tense and exciting, to say the least.


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