Pre-Amp advice please

Can I appeal to your collective wisdom. I am removing a NAC 82 from my active system (NAP 250 x2, Hicap, Flatcap, Snaxo) in order to get a tuner input fault repaired. I can replace the NAC 82 with either (A) NAC 92
(B) NAC 112
Any guidance please? I know I could swap and compare, but I don’t really want to do that because it’s going to be a bit of a job inserting anything in place of the 82
love to all
Stevie xx

Yes, you could use either. My own preference would be for the NAC92 as the volume encoder on early NAC112s can be troublesome.

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I suspect that you’ll miss the NAC82, which certainly ought to be better than either of your alternatives.

I’m intrigued, though - do you just happen to have various random Naim units stored around your home?

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Well… I do… Not random, though… :thinking:

Ah, so there’s a cunning plan = to quote Blackadder.

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Hi Graham, yes, that’s esentially right. Random Naim stuff, plus random CD players, plus random guitars, recording equipment, speakers; and then plus random shoes, boots, handbags, coats,tops, makeup bottles of perfume plus … I’m not at all wealthy, but I have a manic tendency. I guess I’m not your typical poster on this great site. Love Stevie xx

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Sort of… I blame owning a 102. Which I never much took to. So I bought another 72 - I had had one before buying the 102. Then I bought a 140, as a spare… as you do.

It sounds as if you need to volunteer yourself as a participant in one of those daytime TV shows, where a bunch of terrifying, hard-faced persons of indeterminate sex invade a victim’s house in order to ‘de-clutter’ or ‘tidy’ it.

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I suspect there are more of us ‘squirrels’ on this forum than you would believe.
Nuts for the winter (or just plain nuts). :crazy_face:


Selling them all might get you a pre-loved 52? Way better than any of those listed.


Thank you. I’m sure you’re right about the 52. I’ve never heard one and would love to. But selling the other pre-amplifiers isn’t possible, because they’re all used in one way or another. love Stevie xx

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If, and goodness forbid that it should ever happen, I ever had to sell my 52, I think that I’d cope quite well with a 72. Surely one of the loveliest, and most capable of Naim’s early designs.

Just add a 140, a decent spec early LP12 and a pair of Kans.

There’s not much that such a system couldn’t do. Maybe throw in an NAT-02 as your ‘luxury item’, and you’d be a happy castaway on your notional desert island.


Ah well, if ever you should find yourself in the fair city of Brighton with an hour or so to spare, I’ll wind up the electrostatics and show you what the 52 is capable of.

Um… I already have the 72 and a 140… They are ‘back ups’, for my 82 & 250…!

I have run my 72 instead of my 82 and my 140 instead of my 250. Quite good… both.

I used to have a 81 LP12 and an 85 set of Kans. I still have the LP12, but it has … evolved a bit. The Kans got swapped for Royd Doublets - and not long ago for Kudos X3’s. So not changed much really…

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Ah, very good indeed, Ian, well done.

I have never had a 72/140 based system, much as I would like to have done so. It ain’t gonna happen now.

I am, though, in the process of putting together a ‘bedroom system’, which will involve using a ‘spare’ Nait 2 and NAT-02 that I’ve been hanging onto, unused, for ages. I’ve ordered a pair of Falcon-built LS3/5As, and we shall see how I get on. I have been thinking over the possibility of adding a CD player, but that may be a bit OTT, as I’m not trying to replicate or compete with the ‘big’ system upstairs in the Music Room. I’m not at home at present, so I’ll give the Nait/NAT/LS3/5 a go when I do get home, then think about what (if anything) to add.

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Thank you xx

Does your dealer have an estimate from Naim how long it will take to fix the 82’s tuner input? And have you managed to find a tuner to incorporate into your system when it’s all up and running again?

(My apologies, I’m bombarding you with questions!)

I’ve got a NAT-01 tuner which is currently being serviced. So it doesn’t really matter to me how long the repair on the 82 tuner input would take, because I don’t use it. So I’ll stick with the 82 pre-amp until it seems worthwhile getting the tuner input fixed. But in the meantime I’m having a 32-5 pre-amp and 140 power amp serviced. They all slot in somewhere or other! xx

You appear to have huge caches of Naim gear stashed around your home.

I wonder if you might have burgled a Naim dealer recently?

The NAT-01 is a truly lovely thing - my own is with Naim to correct some uncharacteristic (until just recently) bad behaviour (drifting off station).

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Good evening, Stevie.

Have you found any exciting new bits of Naim equipment hiding around your home?

And any word from the dealer today about when your tuna is wending its way back?