Pre amp of nac n 272

I have Naim Nac n 272 with 555 PS DR , dedicated referance ATC SCA2 pre amplifier and ATC SCM 40 Active speaker. I have noticed that the pre amp ATC SCA2 matches better with ATC SCM 40 Active speaker. I have taken pre amp line out from Naim Nac N 272 to ATC SCA2 .
Whether we can disable the pre amplifier section of Nac n 272. One option is to disable the disable the phono and DIN of naim pre amp output.

You can’t disable the preamp. You can disable the line out. Line out comes from the preamp, so if it were possible to disable it you would be disabling the output that you are using.
Really what you need is an ndx2 rather than a 272, given you are using an atc preamp.

It’s not just bout matching, 272 preamp compared to is a toy (even though 555 PS DR makes it sound rather good in your system ,I 'm familiar to it).
I were you I’d get an NDX2 with your 555, I heard it, it’s exquisite.
Nice advice you’re given.

Thanks. Will try to sell 272 and take new NDX2

As you already have a 555DR I’d consider a use NDS too. It’s better than an NDX2 and cheaper. You can get one for around £3k, remember this was an £8K streamer without power supply. You will need the Burndies though so make sure it comes with these as they are pricey on their own.

If you want the newer features though then the NDX2 is a better bet or splash out on an ND555 where you can have your cake and eat it!

The firmware perhaps has been changed to allow that.
A dedicated streamer will improve on the 272 given you only want a streaming source.

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With this level of a pre (atc sca2) why bother at all with the 272.

Then which streamer /dac combination will be better value for money

Now look what you’ve done, nearly all the text has dropped to the ‘bottom’ of the screen! :0)

NDS instead of NDX2. The NDS is significantly better than the NDX2.


It’s not better at Roon or Qobuz.
Sonically with a 555Dr it is compared very closely so depends what your idea of significant is. :thinking::wink:

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Uh, no. I can’t agree with that - there’s a massive difference sonically from an NDX2 to a NDS. And I don’t care about Roon or Qobuz - they’ll likely be dead and gone in a few years.


So what should be value for money update. As I have ATC sca 2 pre amp and 555psdr. Whether to change from n272 to NDX2 or if I go for ND555, then why not out of Naim and take dcs network bridge and Chord DAVE still cost will be less than ND555 . Of course will have n272 and 555 PSDR will be kept unused or may sell if any option comes

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