Pre-Fix Super-cap Which sockets?

I bought my first Hi-cap back in 84 slightly before the 32 and 42 became 32.5 and 42.5 other Hi-caps followed !
I have finally moved up to a second hand Supercap which I intend to use with my Pre-fix to start with anyway . Unfortunately the Supercap didn’t come with a hand book , which sockets on the Supercap should I use for the five pin captive black snaic from the Pre-fix and which four pin for the gray signal snaic .
Mr Halibut was very helpful with my XPS connection question

Socket 1 for the Prefix. Socket 3 for the 4 pin to 5 pin interconnect. The latter is not a Snaic. All the manuals are available online.

Top bloke , I had visited the online manuals and couldn’t find what I needed . In your debt again !
Thank You .

Yep that’s the handbook I found on line just quick scanned through it again and could find no reference to or for connection to a Pre-fix . but Hungry Halibut has come to my aid which is great .

You are most welcome. Just think of SC socket 1 as HC socket 4.

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As a new owner of a Supercap (arriving Mon) I really do appreciate the way Naim print the pin outs for each socket on the back panel. It makes it really easy to identify power only, power+signal and signal only. In fact it was while studying the pictures that I realised I needed a 4-5DIN interconnect rather than the usual 5-5DIN 180 to connect to my pre. So much more convenient than digging out the manual.


Whichever socket you use for power out/signal in, be it Burndy or DIN, use the DIN4 signal out nearest to it, or the two nearest.

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Yeah, socket 3 next to the DIN5 power/signal.

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