Pre Out and subwoofers

Can I plug two subwoofers with the pre out connection of my Naim UnityAtom; one per connector without damaging my amp? Thanks

Yes, they’re line level outputs so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Correct, just get two mono RCA cables and connect one to each output. Alternatively you can do much the same with the high level signal from the speakers if your subs allow it.

If you have a NAP500 DO NOT connect it via the high level outputs as it’s a Bridge Configuration amp.

In any case if connecting to the backs of the speakers, you must ensure that you use speaker cables with a minimum inductance of 3.5μH (equivalent of 3.5m of NAC A5).

If using low level connections to subs, use low capacitance cables and ensure that you keep the cables fairly short, and/or ensure that the amp end of the cables have a 100Ω resister in series with the signal connection.

An alternative to this is to use a DSP box as a precisely controllable crossover and a line driver (this has the added benefit of allowing you to tailor the sub’s response to match the room acoustics).

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Thanks Chris. That’s what I thought but I wanted to confirm before trying it.

Hi Xanax,
My amp is a Balanced Bridge design. I use just the positive outputs on my amp and the ground is attached to a separate ground Not on the amp. Works fine

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