Pre-Owned or Demo Naim Gear

Hello All,

I’ve read countless posts about folks buying pre-owned and/or demo Naim gear. How do folks go about finding this stuff? Yes I am aware of Audiogon and usaudiomart, but how else does one find these items? Continuously probing dealer sites and looking at their used and/or demo listings?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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eBay is a good place to look; dealers often sell kit that way. Keep an eye on dealer web sites, and as a start point a simple Google for what you’re interested in with ex demo tagged onto the search will show what you’re after.

Hey thanks! Already I got more results by adding “ex demo” to my Google search. Seems that is a popular term in the UK. Also, seems there is more Naim gear floating around the UK, which one might expect. Hmmm… I am in the US, but I expect the tips I get here will still be useful.

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Try Tom Tom Audio website - pre loved and gear - London

Big range and very helpful and reputable store


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The great thing about Tom Tom is that they offer a range of pre loved (secondhand), as well as ex demo, Naim gear. Indeed I have bought several pieces of pre loved Naim gear from them, and I recommend them. Not sure if they would sell this gear overseas, you would have to enquire.


I think they do NigelB. I live in Sydney and went down the track a couple of years ago of almost purchasing a small pair of speakers ( some joker got in before me) and they said no problem in shipping

Very good to deal with

Google for Hifi Shark


However due to the current COVID situation I do know the cost of shipping gear overseas from the UK has gone through the roof which is a shame

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I’m in the UK and I’ve noticed that sometimes dealers selling on eBay have the same item listed on their own website at a lower price, presumably because of the auction site comission. If that’s the case there might be scope for bargaining or freebies.

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I appear to be active at searching out ex-demo stuff…

Look on dealer websites, search with ex-demo in search string, hifishark, contact dealers and ask, pinkfishmedia… Worth making offers to people too, posting on user forums like this, etc.

Maybe eBay, Facebook, gumtree but I’ve not had success on those…

However I think we’re better served in the UK than elsewhere…

I’ve bought most of my Naim equipment on eBay and I have bought alot of boxes in the last few years from there:
Nait 5si
250 CB
2 x olive hicaps
2 x 135s
Nait 3

I also bought a CDS2 and XPS from Cymbiosis. And Fraim base and shelves from TomTom.

If you look about there is plenty out there to choose from!


This :+1:

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I think a great part of Naim kit is widely available in EU and UK, not so much USA.

Different voltage makes it difficult or other hifi equipment is simply more popular overthere.
Not sure about Canada but Australia seem to use similar voltage as EU/UK.

Although I have used all the usual sources my experience is that buying from dealers gets you not only the best price but with the usual advantages, such as being able to borrow before finally committing.

Beware of hifi shark. They link to any site that advertises kit… There are a lot of scammers out there. Do the due diligence.


Any used Naim kit I have bought has come from Canuck Audio Mart. Because of the exchange rate, the US audio Mart doesn’t make sense for me, but the Canuck audio Mart would be financially advantageous for you.
There isn’t a ton of Naim gear listed, but it does come up.


That’s true and good advice. I didn’t mention it because Hifi Shark itself shows this message for every link you click: "Hifishark is redirecting you to a third party market place: (whatever site).
Hifishark does not vouch for any contents on (whatever site) and the listing you are about to visit may be a scam - please be careful.

Not sure of your location but check out dealer Web Sites. I have used Hawthorne’s in Seattle for years and they usually have a nice selection of used Naim gear as well as others on their web pages. I am sure other US dealers have as well.

Good luck wit hour search and welcome to the forum!

Called into Hawthorns a few years ago when visiting. Nice guys and good selection of stuff. Just looking at their pricing the NDX 2 is about $3k cheaper than here but oddly the ND555 is the same price.

…if you visited Hawthorne’s then you were about 20 blocks or so from my house. A few minutes drive or a 20/25 minute walk.

They do have a demo unit on sale for a very nice price. They are a great bunch of people to work with. Knowledgeable and patient with home demonstrations as well setting up equipment.