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Hi all.

Out of my 1000+ vinyl collection I have about 50 pre owned LP’s. However since changing from an AT-OC9 to a DV XX-2 I never play them for fear of damaging the stylus. Not from the grooves, rather what may be lurking inside them - old residues from stylus cleaning fluids, anti static sprays and the like that may affect the stylus.

I use a Moth RCM to clean my vinyl but know this isn’t 100% effective. I’m thinking of getting an ultrasonic machine at some point which I think would clean used vinyl better. I’ve also thought about going over my used vinyl with PVA before giving it a clean on the Moth, but I’m a tad concerned at what residue the glue may leave behind.

Do you guys have any trusted methods for cleaning pre owned vinyl or do you just play it and not worry?


If you’re cleaning them on the Moth RCM I really wouldn’t worry. I have loads of old records - mostly pre-owned by me (if you see what I mean) - from the 60s on. I do my best to keep them clean (I also have a Moth RCM), but it’s impossible to keep them completely pristine. I don’t think you will get stylus damage from playing them, although you will get stylus wear whatever you do. I think you should just enjoy the music and stop worrying.


plus one.

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Yup, give them a good scrubbing and run them through the RCM a couple of times and you should be fine.

Avoid the PVA route.
Messy, time consuming and leaves more crap than it removes.
Agree with above, clean regularly with your rcm and play the bloody things and enjoy.

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Totally!!! Avoid PVA like the plague!

Most of my music is pre owned and I have DV XX2 Mk 2, always clean new old and new records with my home made RCM and no issues at all

Cheers guys.

I buy Used Vinyl, on Discogs. I don’t worry… I just play it. Quick clean with a Decca Brush, if obviously dusty and/or just in case. Otherwise - nothing.

Sorry… Obviously not On Message here… :upside_down_face:

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98% of my records are pre owned, bought from Discogs at Near Mint status, sometimes even unplayed and Mint, original ( from the same year of production) from the 70’s.

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I don’t know if I have been lucky but the pre owned vinyl I have bought has been excellent, I have chosen to clean one or two but generally they have been great.

I have however bought new vinyl, a couple of which have been really terrible pressings for which of course no amount of cleaning is going to help!

I stopped buying used vinyl 6 or 7 years ago. I’ll admit to being very fussy where my vinyl is concerned and I only ever bought vinyl categorised as Mint (sometimes NM if the accompanying description was favourable). Even then I had a run of buying from eBay where I wouldn’t even have classed them as good. The best source of used vinyl was Cob Records in Porthmadog; I bagged myself half a dozen from there each year while on an annual lads only golfing trip. I’ve also used Discogs and EIL and had good stuff from them but the prices had started to creep up.

Anyway, I’ve just picked the used vinyl out of the racking and put it by the Moth so will give them all a thorough clean over the coming days.

Thanks for the replies.

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Yeah I wouldn’t be worrying. I have lots of pre owned vinyl.
I have a VPI 16.5 RCM which I have used for years.
I clean every new or pre owned vinyl before play and re sleeve it in a new anti static inner sleeve and it’s fine.
I also use DV XX2 cartridge.


Another VPI user here. Very effective - I use it on all new records too.

Yeah, I use my Moth on all my new vinyl too.
I recently received an album that was so statically charged the paper dust just wouldn’t brush off. It needed a blast from the Zerostat before I could clean it.

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