Pre-phono for NAIT XS 2 - Ifi ZEN Phono?

Hi there, I am revamping an old JVC L-A31 turntable, I am planning to add a basic Ortofon OM 5E (or similar) cartridge. Naim pre-phono are glorious, but I think they would be too much for my current TT. Do you have any suggestion for a pre-phono (new) at around 150-200 Euro? The Schiit Mani is currently impossible to find here in Italy, the Schiit dealer suggested me the Ifi ZEN Phono, but I cannot find any review. Do you have any suggestion for a good pre-phono for my XS 2? Thank you in advance!

Have a look at the Rega phono stage mini, & you can use it to ‘rip’ your vinyl! Bargain :+1:

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Thanks a lot! That’s for MM, but in case I can upgrade it with a MoFi Studio Phono

Hi, I just ordered the Ifi ZEN Phono, since it can drive both MM and MC cartridges. I will let you know my impressions as soon as it lands on my desk!

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