Pre - Power interconnects (NAC252 - NAP300)

Hi Everyone, Advice very much appreciated.
I have a NDX2 to NAC252 and NAP300. I have recently taken the plunge and added a Super Lumina between source and pre. Had a horrible (and potentially expensive!) thought that the interconnect between the 252 and 300 being the standard Naim Din:XLR is maybe now a weak link. Does this interconnect therefore make the Super Lumina less of a benefit? Or is the second stage link (from Pre to Power) less important and so the standard naim cables are fine?
Thanks in advance and best wishes to all.

Naim pay attention to their cables and the standard leads perform in their listening tests - which is why that is what is supplied by them. Whether after market substitutes are better is a YMMV kind of question.

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Yes I get that but by same measure these are Naim’s own cables so presume improved over standard.

I was hoping for some advice on the difference between source - pre and pre - power interconnections. Is one more important that the other?

Also if having the standard cables downstream invalidates the benefits (hopefully) provided by SL upstream.

The search function is your friend here, as there is a thread dedicated to all matters Superlumina.

In summary though, if you choose to go one step at a time, most would recommend source SL interconnect first, then speaker cables, with the DIN to XLR amp interconnects last.

Each step helps and is in no way negated by non-SL cables downstream.


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Thanks for the advice :+1:t2:

Wot Bluesfan said, and that is the order I added the SL loom.

I would also add that all 3 SL cables is quite special, so I would be prepared to add the speaker SL cables to complete the set to get that special synergy.

Thanks NigelB, appreciate the advice. I’ll add the Pre-Power I think but as for speakers, my challenge is I need a 8.5m min pair so wont be a cheap option by any means! Do I really need two kidneys? :thinking:


I did see a 9m pair of pre loved pair of SL speaker cables for sale at a dealer but can’t remember where. Worth scouting around the usual suspects as often SL speaker cables come up pre loved or exdem.

But yes, that length will be expensive, even ex dem.

Thanks again NigelB. I do use eBay and one or two 2nd hand dealers but if you knew of any other good places to look I’d apreciate the steer…?

Assuming you are in the UK, Tom Tom Audio in St Albans has one of the largest selections of pre loved and ex dem Naim gear, and they have a selection of SuperLumina cables also. James and Henry are also top blokes.

Richard, if this breaks forum rules, please delete this post.


It’s fine Nigel so long as there’s no steering towards a specific item for sale somewhere.

Appreciate the recommendation :+1:

My recommendation for the DIN-> XLR is to make the cables with Mogami W2497. It’s a very considerable improvement over the standard Naim cables.


……and if funds permit Chord Music. It has provided a big improvement in my system.

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Mogami 2549 Aldo.

Also, Sorry.

I’ve tried both, the 2497 is clearly superior.

Helpful, thanks Xanthe. We also found Mogami 2497 to better both Mogami 2549 and the standard Naim cables yet found Witch Hat Morgana to be the best of the bunch. Simply delightful between an olive Supercap and a pair of NAP135s.

Conversely, with our Chord amp and balanced interconnects, balanced Witch Hat Morgana interconnects have been humbled by the more modest and musically engaging Mogami 2549 microphone cable with Neutrik connectors.

It’s a funny old world…

Best regards, BF

I would be quite cautious with any other cable than a Naim branded one

I tried one of the after market ones and while it improved on a lot of areas it sounded softer and lost some of the tension

A superlumina has no problems like what I heard from the other brand

And yes compared to the standard black cable the SL is quite better as it should be for the huge asking price. But then no other cable company is making the air plug connectors that Naim are making

I added the S/L between my 252 and 250 and found it very worthwhile, it brings a very organic and refined presentation. I already had S/L on the NDX2 and speakers, so agree that is the best order to have those first, though a full loom is a good end result. I personally feel that at this system level, the S/L really defines what Naim can be at its best.

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