Pre - Power interconnects (NAC252 - NAP300)

Thanks to all who have taken the time to answer. Thought I’d feedback what I have done so far… I already had the SL between NDX2 and 252 which certainly made a difference when it was first added. (£2k difference? Im not sure) By sheer chance I found a pair of lightly used DIN:XLR’s for the next stage to the 300. Genuinely blown away with the difference this has made! It’s like a different system all together… The soundstage is bigger, bolder and the sound, richer somehow. Separation and stereo imaging is awesome, instruments that had been clear but slightly lost in the stage previously are absolutely identifiable and pinpoint ’able now. Very pleased with this upgrade. Now Im keen to find the speaker cables and see what that does…Let’s get this 2nd Kidney sold! :grimacing:


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