Pre to Power amp interconnect

Could anyone advise on the current state of play from Nain on the DIN/XLR cables, e.g. between my NAC252’s Supercap DR and NAP300 DR.
I’m still using the original ones made from bits of mains cable, but surely things have moved on by now.
Can’t find anything on the main website though.

They have just the thing. A pair of Super Lumina din to XLR. Yours for £3,200. They are very good.

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Upgraded mine to S/L a couple of years ago to complete the full S/L loom expensive but worth it.

What are your other interconnects and speaker cables?

I use hi-line for the Naim cds and superline/scap DR, because although sceptical, I could not deny the obvious improvement I heard over the standard naim interconnects.
However, I do not hear enough difference with Naim speaker and mains upgrades to justify the cost.
Over £3k is bonkers.


When I was using a NDX/XPSdr into my 252 I was using a Hi Line.

I thought I would upgrade the speaker cables from NAC A5 to S/L my dealer installed a demo pair.

Whilst they were much better than the A5 I wasn’t entirely blown away by them after discussing this with my dealer we decided to change the Hi Line for a S/L interconnect the difference this made in my system was staggering.

To me the combined cost of the S/L interconnect and speakers cables were much better value in terms of my system being far more enjoyable to listen to than the S/L speaker cables on there own.

The Din/XLR is the icing on the cake so to speak.

I listened to quite a few alternatives to the standard DIN-XLR lead and while certain aspects improved, more important ones were lessened. I just kept coming back to the standard cable as the one I enjoyed most.

Note though that the alternatives were mostly all relatively affordable, and pre-dated Super Lumina.

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Yes, that has been my experience with various DIY experiments. Just can’t get my head around the concept that a crappy piece of mains cable actually sounds better than high purity copper and fancy dielectrics.

I might give the WitchHat DIN->XLR cables a try, but my 300DR is just one month old, so I’ll wait a couple months more before making any changes, and I already have WitchHat Phantom speaker cables on the way.


I use a standard Naim black snaic 4 cable, but with a din to xlr adapter at the amp end. It’s way better than the standard din to xlr cable IMO and when you think about it, is perfectly matched to the standard snaic that goes between the preamp and psu.

I’ve heard good things about the WH Morgana, using WH Phantom myself, great value and not silly SuperLumina prices.

Tried these ‘Witch Hat’ alternatives a few times but couldn’t see the point.


The accepted logic is that cables and interconnects should account for about 10-15 % of the budget .

If people can afford it and that’s what they want to do…

Same ‘point’ as any other cable company products I’d have thought…

Witch Hat: ‘point’…


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On a serious note. I have tried the Hatpin 4x but always gone back to the naim standard Din-XLR.

I am however very much enjoying the Tellurium Q Black Din-Din between NDX2 & 282.


I tried the Witch Hat mono Din to XLR instead of the stock Naim interconnects and there was no discernible difference to my ears.


I am trying the Tellurium Q black rca to rca…quite impressed, will try some others from their range.

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As Richard also said, I can hear very obvious changes, even by simply changing to a heavier grade of 3 core mains cable, and for example a DIY Hi-line clone (minus airplugs), but in the end I drift back to the originals. Alternatives offer gains in some areas, particularly bass I found, but the expense of something else.

The standard less-expensive ones, or the Morgana cables?