Preamp 24v pins question

Why does the Preamp out socket have 2 x 24V pins but the power amp in socket only have 1 x 24V?
Is it because a Hicap will supply 2 x 24V feeds I.e. two rails and therefore be an upgrade.

That’s correct.

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So with a Supernait 2 wouldn’t a Flatcap 2X sound better than the single feed the Supernait 2 has when the link plug is inserted?

I doubt a Flatcap would much if anything for SN2 SQ, it has very simple & basic regulators.
The SN2 internal single rail regulator is a DR design & I suspect would out perform the Flatcap
A HiCap on the other hand has the Naim DR 2-rail regulation system

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I’ve been been going back and forth for several months between FlatCap and 200DR on my 152XS, and while they both sound slightly different, I can’t say one is clearly superior to the other. Dual rails is an upgrade in it’s own right, just like the DR technology, you would need to try and decide for yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. It’s tricky to go back and forth in my case because of using the Dirac room correction

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