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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what appears to be a connection issue. I have a 282 that seems to what to keep flashing its mute (top) light. I have made a connection using a snaic to a hi cap and the napsc is connected using its own lead. The other connection is between ndx which I connected using a grey din cable connected to the CD input. The hi cap is connected to a 250 amp. So, not sure why the 282 doesn’t want to play. I’d be grateful for some insight and how do you reset the 282? The manual appears to say using the remote, press prog and then hold disp - but the 282 keeps on flashing………………thanks in advance.

Do you have the link plugs in the 282 plugged in correctly ?

See page E11 of the manual


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as @james_n says checking connections, did you purchase a used 282?, if so I would re set to factory settings and try again

I had 282 into NDX with NAPSC and HICAP, if no sound coming from NDX issue would appear to be connection rather than 282

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It’s a PSU or link plug fault indicator. Do you have the correct connection to the Hicap?

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282 with single HICAP into 250

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They seem ok - there are only 3 cables connecting. One power - that works fines as there is power on. That leaves the cable to the Hicap and checking that, it seems ok and then the cable from the ndx and that’s connected to the CD input - and if I disconnect that, it makes no difference to the flashing mute light on the 282. I always find connecting stuff a little confusing but with so few…… Would it pick up an issue with another connection say, between the hicap and 250? Again, this one appears ok.

That’s the picture/diagram I used …… How can that go wrong!

So you have the top link plug (paddle shaped) plugged in and the socket immediately under this connected to the the Hi-Cap ?. This is where a link plug (the cap type) would go if you were using no Hi-Cap and an amp that could supply 24v to the pre-amp. If you’re connected as per the second diagram posted by Antz (including link plugs) then all should be working.

as per @james_n you need a link plug in if you are only using one Hicap.

Appreciate the replies. Spoke to Audio T went through the connections, seems that they appear ok. So, they are investigating and will call me back…

That’s it - now I now know what a paddle shape link plug looks like and what you are suppose to do with it… Now fully blasting out.…. thanks for the replies.


Good news - enjoy :sunglasses:


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