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I always leave my Supernait2 lights off. Can these fade over time if left on, like leaving the screen on, on some of the legacy products?

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  • No

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I voted no based on my olives, I bought the 135s s/hand in 1989 and the lights still glow now, assuming the SNAIT isn’t using less reliable LEDs I think you’re safe.

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I know the conventional wisdom is to turn the preamp light off (I have 282) but I mostly leave them on and don’t notice a difference (but haven’t really tried to draw conclusions from any comparisons either).

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I had a brief period where I turned off the lights on my 282. I noticed no improvement but more than that, a few shocks where I hit Play and the volume was not where I thought it was quickly taught me the value of being able to see what input and volume are at.

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Im a lights off man to be honest

I turn them off because I prefer it that way, but a mate who’s owned one of the first production 252’s leaves his on, seem to be OK

I don’t own the product long enough to share my experience but it seems the consensus is that leaving them do not seems to affect the sound quality?

No, switching the illumination off on pre-amp, sources etc… is generally considered to give a little performance lift. It’s fairly subtle though, but worth trying for yourself to see whether it makes a significant enough difference for you.

Note that the logo remains lit - to indicate when something is powered up.

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