Preamp recommendations

If anyone made the leap from a 5italic to an SN please advise what I might expect…. Currently using a Rega DAC; I like the flexibility of an external DAC, also like the appeal of a one-box solution.

Speakers are Monitor Audio SE20 Studio 25th Anniversary…

Well, it’s not a pre amp it’s an integrated. Which SN, by comment consent the SN2 and SN3 are more musical performers than the SN1. In any event you’ll find any of the SNs more powerful and capable performers than the 5si.

Hope this helps.

I have not used a 5italic but did have a SN 2 at one time and do believe it will drive your Monitor Audio SE20 Studio 25th Anniversary without any issues. You can see if a dealer will let you have a home demo or arrange to bring you speakers into the dealer.

Those integrated are incredibly good and powerful in driving demanding speakers. My Supernait3 is driven my B&W803D so well!

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