Preamp stage equivalent to NAC 272

Excuse my lack of basic knowledge but which Naim preamp would be equivalent to the pre-amp stage in the 272 streamer?
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This one has been debated a bit in the past, so you might want to read through some old threads. The trouble is it’s very difficult to make a clear comparison, mainly because unlike the Naim pre-amps, the NAC-N272 contains not just a network player/DAC but also a power supply. To further compound things, it can also be upgraded by adding an XPS2/DR or 555PS/DR.

That said, IIRC consensus seemed to be that a NAC282 was a clear step up just as an analogue pre-amp.


I’d say it’s somewhere between the 202 and 282. Exactly where is influenced by the power supply used. There has been a lot of discussion on this and a forum search could keep you entertained for many hours.

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And where does it sit with a 555PSDR on it? On par with 282 or better?

Having owned the 272/555DR and now a 282/HiCap I would say the 272 is smidgen below. The 272/555DR is excellent though and brought alot of musical enjoyment.

Main reason I changed was the imminent screen failure, to go higher up on the source, better external DAC, streamer etc and at some point I will add a SCDR to the mix.

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Hi @Pauljdh ,

It’s hard to say without hearing for yourself. Not long after its launch I went to a demo of the 272 and all played into Sopra 2s. First NDX2/SN2 vs 272/250 and all agreed the NDX was more musical, better soundstage, greater resolution etc. Then NDX2/XPS/SN2 vs 272/XPS/250 and consensus view again was that the NDX2/SN2 was a better listen. Later on the 250 was swapped out for a Nap 300 and in my view the NDX2 was still the better listen but it was all good, I could have lived with any of the configurations.

However, one dealer whose opinion I greatly respect told me that he thought head for head a NDX2/202/200 comfortably saw off a 272/250.

Another factor is what source component you intend to use with the Pre. NDX2 level and above a good pre is likely going to win the day but a less capable source even with a say a 282 and the 272 may well win out. As I say you have to hear for yourself.




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