Preamp tuner/av bypass issue

When I start listening to music from my NDX2 and 282, the preamp input frequently–not always, but frequently–jumps from my tuner input to the av bypass. I then have to use the remote to reset it to the tuner input. It’s only a small inconvenience, but does anyone have an idea why this is happening? Thanks

I’ve had no responses so far. Does anyone have an idea? I’d sure appreciate any help.

Are you using system automation ?

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I would echo James’ question here. Do you have system automation enabled? Or perhaps auto-input-switching? Do you have anything connected to the AV input?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have my HT amp connected to my AV input. Until just now, I hadn’t even heard of system automation, but I found it on the Naim site and will see if this is the issue.

Also check whether AIS is enabled or not.

And also, try without having the AV kit connected. Because Naim provides a path to earth a lot of AV kit that floats the earth can use the signal earth through the Naim amp, which can also be a possible culprit of some weird behaviour. And the electrical noise radiated by TV panels placed right above or near the pre-amp can also cause weird logic behaviour in the pre-amp.

Thanks for all your help. My amp was AWOL for a little while and just got it back. Yes, it was simple: I went to System Automation and the AV input was selected. So I selected the input my streamer is on and it’s working.

By default, System Automation chooses AUX1 for the NDX et al. You can configure System Automation to set any input you wish if AUX1 is not what you want.


Good to know. Thanks

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