Prefix removal

Hi, my 1988 Prefix is due for a service (maybe) it’s installed in an lp12/Aro, has all the RF and Black snaic done so possibly has had a service but who knows(Sounds fine). I would like to get it done so i know :grimacing:
It looks simple enough to remove is that the case? Any curve balls i need to know about?
Thanks in advance.

Are you based in the Uk? It’s not difficult to remove but personally I’d take the whole TT to whoever is going to service it and let them do it. (Darran at Class A?).

It’s fairly straightforward. Most fiddly bit is probably removing the tiny screws for the armboard connector. You may also need to de-solder the sub-chassis earth wire connection, depending upon the installation.


I’m in New Zealand so it makes it just that little bit more difficult
We do have a guy in Wellington that can do it easily, so was i thinking of pulling removing prefix only to send to him, which would be a lot easier than sending the whole LP 12.

Ok, in that case, as Richard said it’s easy enough to remove yourself with care and the same re-installing it. Just take your time. :+1:

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If it were me, I’d put a bit of masking tape around the Snaic, where it touches the P clip. That way you’ll be able to reinstall it in exactly the right place. It’s important to get it right, or so I’ve always been told.

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When and why is a Prefix in need of service? Recapping issues?

Recap between 12-15 years


Recapping is very fine for prefix.
Bought mine in 2020 fresh recapped at naim from cymbiosis.on of the nicest non local purchases - Peter added a cd and a naim mug. Naim mug is fully in use, like this morning !


Sounds great, about to pick up a SC to power it, was thinking if I recap it then I know it’s been done. As I have no evidence to say otherwise.
Since Naim no longer support the local service agent in NZ it will be a non Naim “sanctioned” service. However I am very confident it will just fine.

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