Can I power a prefix-phono from a nait xs2 please ?

Yes, the NAIT XS2 has a powered AUX2 input socket.

Great thanks Richard
I’m currently using mm and stageline n but may go to prefix and mc just wanted to double check :grinning:

Just an FYI, if you don’t know already……. I would get the prefix serviced, ensure the RF MOD is done and there is an option out there by AV options in the USA (and maybe naim or others) for a zfoil upgrade, which is well worth the time and money.


AFAIK, the Naim service and update on an early Prefix involves (among other things) a change from grey to black SNAIC (if required), and RF mod (again, if required). Prefix S units after s/n 192450 and Prefix K units after s/n 194949 already had the RF mod applied in production.

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