Preh DIN or BNC?

I bought a new turntable recently to replace my Pro-Ject RPM 1.3,
I was using the MC Phono stage built into my NAIM NAC72 with a custom RCA-BNC cable,

The Rega arm that comes with the new Gyro has a 1m captive lead and both the Tonearm specialists I spoken to advised NOT to have the arm re-wired with a 1.5 metre cable,

So much to my chagrin I’ve bought a stand alone phono stage (Schiit Mani),

I have an RCA-to-BNC cable AND a 2x RCA to 5-pin PREH DIN,

My question is which would be better?

Can I use one of the DIN tape inputs?
Or do I have to use the BNC AUX inputs?

Could anyone recommend a decent RCA-to-DIN cable please?

Thanks as always for everyones time and help,


All else being equal, the DIN would certainly trump an RCA phono. With BNC though I’d imagine it would be closer, but I’ve never done the comparison, so couldn’t say for sure.

For a great quality RCA to DIN lead look no further than the Naim lavender grey one. Much better than the “bargain” alternatives from some online places. Otherwise Chord cables are usually reliable and work well with Naim.

However, could you not have just had BNCs fitted to the Rega lead?

Thats was my original intention, 1.5m external re-wire with BNC plugs at Origin Live, but the guy I spoke to refused to do the BNC plugs and sold me on the idea of attaining the extra .5m by using the original 1m RCA>phono stage>1m RCA-to-DIN,

I’ve sourced that very lead, the NAIM Lilac, and had a look at the input options when I got the NAC72 back from service recently and I’m using the Tuner input for my Chord Qutest,

Which only leaves the BNC AUX input and the DIN TAPE 1&2 inputs,
Would it be safe to use either of the TAPE inputs for the phono stage please?

Thanks for the reply and everyones time and help,

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