Preloved 555dr or new NDX2 -what should I buy next

Hi forum,
with the help of the lumin app I am -most of the time - streaming qobus via NDX1 and SN1 with HiCapDR. What should be the next step? Preloved 555dr or selling NDX1 and buying a new NDX2?



Given what you will pay for a 555DR an alternative approach would be to look for a pre-loved 282 and 250DR, sell the SN1 and use your current HiCap. I think it would only work out a little more expensive.

The NDX1 bare is actually very good and I think you would see more of an improvement than adding a PS to the NDX or changing to an NDX2.

Digital runs fast- i would always buy the newer platform due firmware/function support. Apart from that, NDX2 is a very fine streamer!


What are you looking to improve - if anything?



I am looking for improving the SQ. More PRAT

I also have an NDX, from My experience NDX and 555 is a really stunning musical streamer

NDX2 is also a lovely streamer and yes an upgrade on NDX, but for me NDX with 555 will give more music than NDX2 bare, best listen to both options if possible

I think the 555DR power supply would potentially be better as it could power your existing NDX and any future current upgrades,

I guess I’m with Alley Cat probably the XPS2 or better still 555 PSU will do most.

I would go with 555PSDR then upgrade to NDX2 when funds allow. I have both and they’re a great combo

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In this case, source first, get the best streaming source you can, that’s the NDX2 in my opinion. Caveat - without having heard either combo.


preloved 552, if you can find one at the price of preloved 555dr. I know, little chance.

Of course you could also look out for a pre-loved time machine, go back in time to 8 December 1980 and buy 10 apple shares at $22 each. Also buy a few vinyl copies of Unknown Pleasures. Come back to 2019 and sell your Apple shares for $100,000 and get an ND555/ 2 x 555ps and 552/500. Simples.


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Well it depends on what matters to you. If you want to improve sound quality then audition the PS upgrade and NDX2 and see which makes a bigger difference. But if you want to add capability then the NDX 2 is a no brainer. The roon and Airplay compatibility are flawless (at least they have been for me) making the unit a joy to use. And it sounds glorious, even in my sub-optimal setup.


i have already seen second hand 552 for 6000 euros, around 5,5 k…maybe 15 years old, but after, later, with a recap and dr modifications, it will be as new.

Thanks to all. I will go for the pre-loved time machine.:wink:

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