Presto Hi Res streamer

Just downloaded the Presto Music app. It’s been mentioned that they have seperate Classical and Jazz apps. Both genres seem to be on the same app here. Have I misunderstood?

It’s a single app covering both.

Their classical and jazz areas on their web site are two branches from the home page. So if you go to Presto Classical you won’t find much jazz and Presto Jazz is vice versa.

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Thanks for posting your thoughts, David. I am currently making use of the free trial period and streaming from my iPad to my (non Naim) streamer via airplay.

I have been a very satisfied CD / download customer of Presto for many years but have increasing used streaming (Qobuz) in recent times.

The Presto app seems very stable and I find the way that the contents of an album are presented much better suited to classical music than the other streaming services, with the works identified as well as individual tracks - a particular bug bear with large multi-disc compilation albums. Having easy access to CD inlay booklets in nice also.

I had written-off the Presto streamer as it doesn’t have a port for wired Ethernet and my system sits in a Wi-Fi black spot (not really any other viable option). However, judging by your experience, it may work fine with a wireless extender so I may consider going down that route.


I am using an old Apple AirPort Extreme router already set up as a WAP that was not currently in use. It took a couple of minutes to find it, plug it in and turn it on. Then about a minute to change the Presto streamer so it connected to it. That was it.

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The jazz stream is advertised in the latest Jazzwise.


Something to watch if you use this streamer with an iPhone and the streamer is connected to a Nova or similar is that if the app doesn’t see the streamer, for example because you have gone out, then the app connects to something else it can find, like the iPhone itself or a car’s Bluetooth for example.

Then when you get home again the app stays looking for Bluetooth or AirPlay connections and talks to the Nova that way, ignoring the Presto streamer. This happened to me just now and it was only when I was exploring why the volume seemed rather low that I discovered that the app was no longer talking to the streamer. So I changed the setting in the app and everything was back to normal!


Ok I have just cancelled Qobuz, which is I suppose a big vote of confidence in Presto.


Thank you for this thread, I may well get one .

I buy regularly from Presto ( simply because they are very good and are not Amazon)



May I ask what sort of Mini Jack to DIN ?

It’s a Chord iChord, something I’ve had for a long time and originally intended for iPhones to connect as a source.

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Ah, I found a few of similar spec , but none of that quality

Many thanks for sharing


I think Chord Company did one for Chord Mojo/Hugo?

Cardas may be another option.

That one I’ve got isn’t made currently, I’ve certainly had it a long time!

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The Presto streamer comes supplied with an optic fibre cable and and a 3.5mm to Two RCA plugs cable, so you can get started with what is in the box.

Using a wifi extender will not offer great performance. These are largely obsolete now anyway and you should be using participating APs or a proper ‘Mesh’ system for good performance. It also depends of course what wifi protocol the device supports… and really you should be using devices with at leat wifi 5 (802.11ac) these days, and preferably new devices supporting at least wifi 6 (802.11ax) assuming your wifi is network is wifi 6 compatible. In my opinion these later protocols are as good if not better than Ethernet for these use cases… and cut down significantly on possible sources of RFI that you have with twisted pair Ethernet.

Hi, is that optical Ethernet or Toslink (SPDIF) ? If the former that is rather progressive.

It’s Toslink. As I mentioned above, the Presto streamer doesn’t have an Ethernet socket unfortunately.

And adding a WAP a few inches from the streamer works fine thanks. As I mentioned before, the streamer supports only very basic 2.4 GHz WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

Thanks - yes I checked as often technical terms are mis used on the forum making some things quite hard to follow

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