Price difference of Scala Evo

Hi all, may i ask if anyone know why is there such a huge price difference of the Focal Scala Evo?

Price per pair in diff region as below:
£29,990 in UK
USD 52,000 in USA
AUD 80,000 in Australia

Huge difference… :fearful:

UK is in the EU. Focal are French. Other countries have to include the price of shipping, import duty, local taxes and most likely a distributer margin also. It all adds up.

It’s the same reason that US hifi costs miles more in the UK than it does in the US. The fact that the enormous Scalas have to be shipped halfway around the world might have a small part to play.

But the price difference is really huge!!!

£30K I’d say about $60K AUD, the additional $20K would account for shipping, import duty and agent markup (which would be significant). It sucks, but that’s the way it is. Get Totem from Canada, much better value.

May i ask typically, how much discount is given for Focal Scala in UK?

The price difference might be due to shipping, distribution, taxes etc. but there can be other reasons: sellers can increase profits by charging different prices in different markets as it gives them more market power. (“Third degree price discrimination” according to Economics 101.) However, to make that work it needs to be too costly or difficult for consumers to buy in other markets. I guess that could be the case with hefty speakers like Scalas but it also applies to services such as software. This is often priced the same in dollars as in pounds, even though the current exchange rate is around $1.3 to the £. Examples include Qobuz and the Adobe photography plan for example. Apple iPhones are another case.

Careful studies show that the cost of living in the UK is, on average, significantly higher than the US even after allowing for taxes etc.


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Was in the EU, get your tenses right, it just hasn’t quite lost all the benefits (and obligations) yet.

Err surely you’ve come across the “Australia Tax” before. All hifi made overseas is a total ripoff in Australia.

That massive difference looks about the same as everything else sold there to me.

Large landmass and relatively small population as well as distance from other continents, also possibly smaller audiophile community all are big factors; or whatever they could use to make a sound argument.


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