Price for 52 PS

How much do you think a 52 PS would cost in the present market. Original 1990 (first year of production) good condition, no service history.

I’d say somewhere just north of a similar age and unserviced Hicap, and rather less than an early unserviced Supercap.

Remember it’s far less flexible than either of them…

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I can’t remember seeing one for sale without the head unit ever so you maybe looking at a bargain if you have the 52 head already! If not maybe best to buy a combo as finding a solo head maybe hard.

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From what I have seen the prices of 52’s and their associated Supercaps have been reaching almost proposterous levels of late, especially when you compare to the 82 which is also a most excellent unit (I had one for a number of years as did not want to stretch to the 52 at the time, I now wish I did!) I haven’t seen a 52 PS come up that often but can’t imagine it would be that much cheaper than a Supercap, but if you can find one for a good price i’d snap it up.

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